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Some new details have come out for Super Pokemon Scramble that was announced yesterday in Japan. The game has been shown to have the same format as its predecessor. Pokemon are obtained by chance when you defeat groups of Pokemon and there are also still bosses at the end of each level. Pokemon of the same species may know different moves and their moves are chosen and given to the Pokemon at random. You can also teach Pokemon stronger moves by spending currency that defeated Pokemon give you.

Also a few more modes were also detailed and confirmed:

Pokemon Collection Battle Challenge: In this mode you battle through all the Pokemon that you have acquired. With each new area that you win you move onto another area with stronger Pokemon.

Battle Royale: In this mode you select one Pokemon and it becomes every Pokemon for themselves, until one Pokemon is left in the arena. No further details of this mode were mentioned such as if it is local multiplayer or wifi or how many players it will support.

Charge Battle: This mode will put you against 10 random Pokemon and you are tasked with defeating them all.

Street Pass: The game will have a Street Pass Feature that Mirrors the Super Street Fighter 3Ds Street Pass. You queue up six Pokemon before going into Street pass mode. If your 3Ds comes into contact with someone else running Super Pokemon Scramble Street pass your Pokemon will start to fight in the order they were put into the queue.

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