According the the Official Japanese Pokemon Website a Sequel to Pokemon Rumble, (a WiiWare title) has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS. Super Pokemon Scramble will be released in Japan on July 28, 2011. In the original game the only Pokemon that coulee be used were from Generations I and IV. In this game only Pokemon from generations I and V are confirmed to appear. It has a single play mode and a two player local mode. At this time No WIFI mode has been announced.

In Pokemon Rumble you controlled Pokemon Toys and went from Stage to Stage fighting groups of Pokemon toys. Think of it as a hack and slash game but with Pokemon. You also have the ability of capturing some toys and being able to swap out and use them. The first Pokemon Rumble was not a huge hit, but for a third party Pokemon game it is probably the best one so far.

It will be interesting to see how the 3D graphics are in this game considering the top down view, and I would really like to see some moves attacks really having visual pop up effects. I also really hope they announce a WIFI function for this game.  This game is a lot better played with at least one other person.

At this time there is no announcement for a international release date but I can see this game coming out around the Holiday season for the rest of the world.

Leaked Screen Shot Of Gameplay

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