We talked about this last month when the bills were first introduced. Gamesmarkt (via MCVUK) is reporting that the Swiss National Council has passed a pair of laws allowing the outright ban on certain types of video games. The first law, submitted by Evi Allemann, of the Socialist Party, calls for a complete stop to the manufacture, advertisement, importation and sale of any game that promotes as a means of advancement or “success” acts of violence against humans or “human-like” creatures. It passed by a margin of 19-12. The law as passed only gives the power to ban and did not spell out how one measures “success” to get the game on the banned list. The Second Bill, submitted by Norbert Hochreutener,Christian Democratic Party, will restrict the sale of violent shooters (but not other types of violent games) to children. It passed by a margin of 27-1

Based on comments from some of the councilmen indicate the the ban will be based off of the PEGI rating. PEGI is the European version of the ESRB. Specifically the PEGI 16+/18+ are the likely candidates.

I can understand and support the second law. Even though this should be the parents responsibility, this can easily be done by enforcing PEGI ratings at purchase. The second law I cannot defend in any way as it will be too subjective (even Mario Games require you to kill Human-Like creatures) and would stop Adults from making purchasing decisions for themselves. No one needs the government deciding what material is suitable for them.

The only good news is that under Swiss law if you get 100,000 people to sign a petition against a law it has to go to a public vote. Here’s to hoping their are enough gamers or anti-censorship crusaders in the country to get the first law at the very least to the general public for a vote.

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