Game collector “Tweeg” at the PSO Archive has found a lovely present for the 11th anniversary of the Dreamcast. The games come from a developers kit and are very beta! But if your capable of fixing the bugs the files are up for grabs. You are only asked that if you fix the program that you release it back to the community. Both games were released on PC (windows) but the Dreamcast ports were canceled.

The files for both games can be found here.

As a gift to the Dreamcast community on this, the 11th anniversary of the U.S.A. release of the Dreamcast, I’m spreading the gaming cheer by hereby releasing the beta files from my Dreamcast Developers Kit for both Thief 2 and System Shock 2 to everyone who wishes to download them! My only wish is that if you happen to get one or both of them into a playable state that you’ll be considerate enough to release the playable version(s) back to the Dreamcast community for the same price you’re paying (hint: free) to obtain these rare files . Happy 11th everyone!

game player s (aka Tweeg)

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