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Matthew Woolridge Staff Writer, Gaming Features Contact me here Gaming accounts: Steam: snipem1438 Xbox Live: snipem1438 Battletag: Ashardalon#1577 Raptr: snipem1438 Onlive: snipem1438 Origin: Snipem1438 Uplay: snipem1438 Recent Reviews: Name your G.A.M.E.S.: A party of Celes, Cecil, Rydia and Locke go to Lordran. Top 5 Games Top 5 Anime Top 5 Manga Myst Spice and Wolf Parasyte Silent Hill 2 Kara no Kyoukai Berserk Dark Souls Fate/Zero Trigun Max DooM Paprika Fullmetal Alchemist Final Fantasy VI Cowboy Bebop Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Bio: I got into games several years ago when I got my Gamecube. I used to only play platformers and such; however, when I first got Metroid Prime… Read More