There is absolutely no dearth of single player games in the App Store. From puzzle games that force you to dust off your grey cells, to action games that task you with frantically tapping away at your iDevice’s screen, the App Store satisfies the thirst for good meaningful experiences or casual titles. However, it’s the multiplayer aficionados who have to delve deeper into the App Store to look for games that allow them to play with or against friends, all the while hurtling all sorts of curses at them! So, we took it upon ourselves to present to you some of the best multiplayer experiences the App Store has to offer. Read on to find out our favourites.

1. Modern Combat 3 – Despite having two other previously released entries, the third in Gameloft’s homage to Call of Duty offers just about the best multiplayer experience one can have on an iDevice. With a functional XP-based levelling up system, to game modes ranging from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Zone Control and a newly added Manhunt mode, as well as an exhaustive range of perks like turrets and missile drops, unlockable weapons, special abilities like extra ammo clip, better cash and XP rewards and so on, Modern Combat 3 is a fully crafted competitive multiplayer title and deserves to be in the purchase list of anyone craving for some good old shooting-your-friends-in-the-face experience.

2. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – There aren’t many flight simulation games in the App Store, so much so that they can be easily counted on your fingertips. Barring Bandai Namco’s Sky Gamblers titles, not many are known either. This is largely due to the reason that accelerometer based controls rarely work well. But after trying their hand at it with the first title Rise of Glory, developer Revo Solutions Games tinkers with it and gets it spot on in Air Supremacy. What is immediately apparent is that Air Supremacy is drop dead gorgeous. There are not many games that can boast having console quality graphics, but Air Supremacy is definitely one of them. There is a large suite of multiplayer modes to support the frantic aerial warfare. The customizable controls help you to shoot down your friends the way you want, and with a number of weapons like missiles and flares and machine guns, Air Supremacy turns out to be an extremely fun and enjoyable multiplayer title.

3. Trigger Fist – The recently released third person action title Trigger Fist, unlike Modern Combat 3 and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, is solely a multiplayer game. It has no campaign, although you can play the multiplayer modes with CPU controlled bots. The multiplayer modes are pretty standard, including deathmatch and its team variant, king of the hill, and sacred goat, which basically tasks you with holding a goat for 90 seconds. There is no option to customize your matches, as the score limit in each match is fixed, and there are no game changing gameplay variations either, but Trigger Fist offers some pure, old school shootouts with no bells and whistles and that itself calls for a try. Trigger Fist, simply put, is iOS’s Counter Strike.

4. Draw Something – This may not actually be what one calls a ‘hardcore’ gaming title as it tasks a player to, you guessed it, draw something to be guessed by another one online, but it definitely is a lot of fun. You choose a figure from a given list of options, and draw it and based on the difficulty, a correct guess is rewarded with coins which can be used to unlock additional drawing tools. Draw Something quickly became a huge craze, and people started sharing their mostly-terrible drawings all over Twitter, which eventually led Zynga to purchase developer OmgPop for a substantial sum of $180 million. And that says a lot !

5. Archetype – Think Unreal Tournament on the iOS, and Archetype is exactly what it would look and play like. Archetype is a FPS and offers crazy, large scale online battles with modes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and so on. The battles are extremely fast in terms of the movement as well as the pace with which the battles progress. There are a lot of customization options available too, and for anyone even remotely interested in partaking in furious online matches, Archetype is a must have.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions below. And if you have any iOS game that you think needs to be written about, let us know!

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