343 Industries, The division of Microsoft Games dedicated to all things HALO, has posted some want ads on their site. 24 positions in all. They just couldn’t let it die. Bungie, the original creators of Halo, have decided to go out while they are on top. Halo: Reach is to be their last game in the Halo universe. Of course some bean counters at Microsoft had to intervene. No way they could let a cash cow like Halo go away.

Let’s face it, we’re gonna end up with a bunch of titles that suck. Imagine if they tried to make a sequel to the Highlander Movie. They would completely fuck up the storyline, and would try to cover up their lack of writing skill with unnecessary action sequences.

There can be only one! I'm serious, there were no sequels!!

I know it’s a horrible thought isn’t it? Next thing you know they’ll be putting Master Chief in every game style imaginable.

“Master Chief at the 2012 Summer Olympics”
“Master Chief Warthog Racing”
“Halo Tennis”
“Halo Golf”
“Halo Cart”
“Halo Party”
“Call of Halo: Future Warfare”

Let the series go. Stop taking business advice from Bobby Kotick.

Seriously....Don't Follow In His Footsteps

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