It was really only a matter of time, but Bandai Entertainment has officially announced that they will be bringing the feature-length film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya to North America. If you happen to be in the San Francisco area on May 21, you can head to the VIZ Cinema there to check out an English-subtitled version of the film. The only other theatrical screenings announced thus far are scheduled for June and only in Hawaii.

Bandai has announced that they will be releasing a DVD of the movie in the future, but haven’t offered any other details at this time. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie is based on and shares its name with the fourth light novel by Nagaru Tanigawa. Bang Zoom! Entertainment will once again be providing the English dubs for the DVD release.

The ASOS Brigade site has also updated with a short video announcing the theatrical release. Stay tuned here and at the ASOS Brigade website for more information about the theatrical and DVD releases of the movie.

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  • I haven’t had the chance to watch the movie yet myself, but Disappearance is one of the better story arcs of the book series. If you enjoyed season one of the TV show, you’ll probably love the movie. Even though KyoAni and Kodansha flubbed handling Endless Eight in season two a bit, you should probably see both seasons before watching the movie for full effect (but you can just watch the first and last episodes of Endless).

    While they haven’t announced it yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up doing a theatrical release in southern Cal, too, if that is closer. If (and this isn’t confirmed yet either) VIZ is going to help them with more screenings, it will probably show in a similar distribution to the Death Note live action movies.

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