The Escapist, an Australian gaming website, banned several users for mentioning AdBlock for Fire Fox. It started in this thread where a poster complained about an annoying Time Warner ad.

Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Those “time warner cable” ads kill my computer’s processing power and slows it down to a frame-per-second rate. Anyone else have a problem like this?

Those who advocated the use of AdBlockers were told “Mod Edit: Blocking ads is being rude to everyone that works for this site. Non-forgivable offense. -Kuliani” and wee banned from the forums.

Apparently as of March 25, 2010 the forum posting rules were amended to add “Do not confess, teach, admit to, or promote ad-blocking software that will allow users to block the ads of this site.” as a ban worthy offense.

The bans were later repealed after public outcry but not before trying to add a little guilt to the forum users.

I truely hope that everyone that reads this will consider turning off their ad-blocker for this site. If we have offended you or you don’t deem this site to be worthy (and would like to have it shut down instead), do what you will, but don’t pretend to be surprised if the site dies. -Kuliani

It is still considered a breach of the rules to talk about AdBlockers.

I understand a website using ads to help pay costs. We do that too. I use adblock as well. But I also understand the annoyance with most adverts. What made me start using adblock was all the pop-ups, pop-unders, fill up my whole screen while trying to give me a seizure flashing ads that started proliferating around the web. Treat your audience well and they won’t mind the ads. That’s what made Google such an advertising giant. Non-annoying text ads that did not detract from the enjoyment of the site you were looking at.

But the only way to get people to turn off ad blockers on your site is not by making them feel guilty, or by banning folks. You have to have content worth supporting and ask people nicely if the would white list your site. It’s easy to do.

Dear G.A.M.E.S. Blog readers,
If you enjoy our content please white list us in ad block. If you do that and there is ever an ad that makes you want to blacklist us again, send us a email and we will block that advertiser.

Was that so hard? Any site that can’t survive without bullying their audience has a terrible business plan and deserves to fail.

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