Hey folks! This week’s show starts on a down note (THQ closing), ends with a high note (HD Windwaker) and along the way we make Dan and Jen sad by asking “Where’s your Wizards Edition of Ni No Kuni?”

The Breakdown:
00.00 What were playing
10.23 THQ Selloff
18.43 Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition Fiasco
27.22 Earth Bound on Virtual Console
32.55 Nintendo Direct WiiU Announcments
40.15 —-Bayonetta 2
44.31 —-Lego City Undercover
46.50 —-Fire Emblem / Shin Megami Tensei crossover game
55.18 —-Yoshi Yarn
56.23 —-HD Windwaker
1.08.45 —-Code Named X
1.12.15 Hiring notice

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