GeekendHey there, Geekenders! This week, Jimmy dives into the new anime season and Dan struggles to find some time for gaming because of school. Don’t forget that next weekend is Extra Life, and we’ll be streaming games there. If you can, please donate to the cause and be sure to check us out on Saturday for the 24-hour gaming stream!

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Jimmy Stephenson – Associate Editor

This week I’ve been a little busy, and I haven’t gotten to play a lot of games. I have, however, sampled a few of the new anime that have started airing. I guess I’ll start with the weirdest one first: Terraformars. Anyone who is familiar with the show will understand what I mean when I say that, but for those of you who are unexposed, let me give you a taste. In order to create a vaccine for a space virus, a group of people must fly to Mars and fight off giant, humanoid cockroaches. For those of you whose head didn’t explode by that sentence, congratulations. Its pretty easy to tell that this show has taken a lot from Attack on Titan, as the same depressing tone and ultra-violence is present in this one. Hilariously, though, the first couple of episodes appear to have run afoul of the Japanese censors, as the most gruesome parts have been hidden by black bars that sometimes cover half the screen. It remains to be seen if that trend will continue, because it sort of diffuses the horror aspects of scenes when you can hardly see what is happening. Another one I have an eye on is the second season of Log Horizon, or the thinking man’s Sword Art Online. While I had a hard time looking past the similarities in the two shows at first, by the end of the first season I had really grown to like Log Horizon. Shiroe is a much more interesting character than the super-heroic Kirito, and the game world they are in actually feels alive, rather than what basically amounted to a giant maze in SAO. While I do wish they would knock it off with the forced love-triangle, I’m looking forward to where the show goes this season.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

So, this whole Ph.D. at an Ivy League school thing is kicking my butt a little. Between the workload and the hour commute each way, it’s definitely cut into my gaming time. I do play a little mobile gaming here and there, mostly my various Kairosoft games I have on my phone. Recently, the game of choice has been Dungeon Village, which combines management simulation with RPG characters. You run a village and build up your town to be attractive to the local adventurers. You can gift them weapons and armor to help them on quests and eventually they may move to your town and pay taxes, which help fund more projects, and the cycle continues. Like most Kairosoft games, it’s a little addicting and you can sink several hours into the cycle if you’re not careful. I’ve also been able to carve out some time for Ar no Surge, and I just started Phase 3. If I can finish that up this week, expect a review very soon. I’m definitely liking the two protagonist system, which lets you switch between two characters and use information in one character’s story to advance gameplay in the other. I just hit a big twist with the start of Phase 3 and I’m excited to see how it plays out!

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