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Phoenix Wright wants YOU…to read the Geekend.

Welcome back to The Geekend! We’re all happy that there’s a new Ace Attorney game to play, and we’re putting plenty of time into Pokemon, too. Get ready for a blast of awesome while we share the games and anime we’re into now. Don’t forget to head to the comments to tell us what you’re playing!

Also, on November 2nd, you can head over to our Extra Life stream when you’re done here to watch some of the staff play games for charity.

Jimmy Stephenson — Staff Writer
It’s been a busy couple of weeks, as far as games are concerned; the recent glut of October releases seemed to sneak up on me. Luckily, I managed to finish Killer Is Dead before these came out. It was a little short, in my opinion, but the polished gameplay and gorgeous art style make it seem like a culmination of all of Suda-51’s previous work. Now, though, I’m working on Guided Fate Paradox, a game from Nippon Ichi Software of America that combines the style and bizarre premise of the Disgaea franchise with randomized, rogue-like dungeons. So far, I’ve enjoyed playing God (literally), and I’ll try to have the game finished up and reviewed soon. After that, I’ll turn my attention to Pokemon Y and Ace Attorney V. As for anime, the one thing I’ve been paying attention to is a new series called Kill La Kill, which is from Trigger, the studio that made Little Witch Academia. It’s gorgeous and bizarre, with a story that covers an entire season’s worth of character arcs in one episode. I’m definitely looking forward to where that goes.

Dan Furnas — Editor-in-Chief
So the most important thing I’ve been doing these past couple weeks is playing Dual Destinies. I’ve been waiting for a new Phoenix Wright game for some time, and while I’ve accepted the lack of a physical release with gritted teeth, it’s still better than Investigations 2 got (which is to say no localization at all, save the fan one). I have finished up the first two cases thus far, and it’s been good, though I ran into the classic problem with the series: sometimes you find yourself thinking past the current argument, wanting to prove the conclusion once you’ve figured it out. Since the game isn’t quite flexible enough for that, I’ve had to reel myself back in and follow their pattern, which eventually leads to the same place. The second case was pretty fun, featuring several yokai out of Japanese folklore. I haven’t started case three yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

In addition, I’ve been playing through the post-game of Disgaea D2 here and there, working on grinding out some ridiculously overpowered characters, but some of that PS3 time has been eaten up playing Diablo III on PS3. I avoided the PC version for several reasons, but was able to get my hands on a PS3 copy for cheap. I have to say that the wizard is a little OP, with chain lightning being a free, basic attack spell once you level up high enough and a disintegrate spell that can shoot multiple directions. I don’t know if the other classes are this way too (just finished my first playthrough on Normal and started Nightmare), but if so, I’m hoping that Inferno mode will make things interesting once I unlock it.

Jennifer Griffith — Managing Editor
I’ve basically been playing Pokemon X non-stop since it came out. This game is a total nostalgia fest, and that’s by no means bad. It just means that the writers finally know their primary audience: twenty- and thirty-something adults who played all the other games. I did manage to stop the bad guys, beat the Elite Four, snag a Mewtwo with a Quick Ball, and play through an awesome post-game quest, so I should have a review for this one up soon. I also picked up the new Ace Attorney game, and though I haven’t had a lot of time to play it, I’m loving the new characters. It’s great to see Phoenix wearing his defense attorney’s badge again! I’m currently playing through Long Live The Queen, a sim game with visual novel elements. This one looks totally fluffy on the surface, but it’s actually a bit dark. You have to keep an adorable, pink-haired princess named Elodie alive long enough to become queen of her kingdom, and the only way to do that is by teaching her the skills she needs to survive. The catch is, everyone wants to assassinate her. It’s tough, and on my first play through, I wound up watching poor Elodie die with an arrow through the chest. So much for going to birthday parties. We’re actually playing this game all through November as part of a visual novel club we’re starting here at the site, so pick it up if you want to join in the discussion! More to come on that later.

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