GeekendHey there, Geekenders! This week, our staff gives their thanks for Dragon Age and a number of new Nintendo titles plus Sword Art Online, then some of the staff lament working on Black Friday instead of getting to enjoy the game sales themselves.

Check out all our thoughts below and let us know what’s gotten you excited this week in the worlds of anime, gaming, and manga down in the comments.

Candy Lebby – Staff Writer

This week really consisted on me waiting for one day: Black Friday. But, alas, I was working an 8-hour shift, so I had to serve everyone instead buying a dirt cheap PS4, and discounted games. ORAS was on the shelf, and I did manage to get a copy, but it was bought for me. I really hope the sale lasts the whole weekend, so I don’t miss out! Apart form that, I haven’t had time to do much else. I’ve been selling games more than I’ve been playing ’em. Oh well….when I do manage to finally buy some games, I’ll have a lovely 20% off so… can’t complain.

Michael Riel – Staff Writer

It’s been nothing but more Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s a fun game, but I think the hype killed it a little bit. It feels like a Dragon Age game, as it should, but that is a mixed blessing. The story is pretty good, and it is fun seeing all the new and old characters including some minor ones you may or may not remember. The battle system is a good combination of the two systems from the Dragon Age games. Despite a lot of positives there are a few negatives. Minus the slightly dumbed-down graphics for the PS3 version (it’s expected), the game is glitchy in some of the weirdest places, mostly the dialogue. Every now and then the conversation will sort of freeze after a person says their line. The game doesn’t freeze entirely, but the conversation won’t continue, which forces me to skip a line or two to continue, and I miss important info. One time, I had to completely shuffle through an entire conversation because it wouldn’t let me continue no matter what I pressed. I thought it was just for the PS3, but I did some research and a lot of people on the other systems seems to be having the same problem. Besides that, it’s a good game. I also finally started to ease myself into watching anime again by catching up on a bit of Sword Art Online and Mysterious Joker.

Ebony Brown – Staff Writer

So Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and Smash Brothers Wii U get UK releases this weekend. And I’m working two 8-hours shifts. But this won’t stop me from having a little fun over the weekend, as it is my housemate’s birthday and he’s having a video game themed party–All the Mario Kart, Mario Party and Smash Brothers (Brawl as I have yet to own a Wii U…). Saturday also means a new episode of Sword Art Online which is finally picking back up again to which both me and fellow writer Nicolas are happy about.

Jimmy Stephenson – Associate Editor

This week, my copy of Persona Q came in, and so far I’ve been enjoying this mashup of Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey. People expecting a straight Persona might be a bit disappointed from the lack of character development, but fans of dungeon crawling will find plenty here. During the holiday weekend, I also got to try out some local multiplayer in Smash Bros for Wii U. I’m glad to see that my brother and I can continue to have just as much fun with the game, even if we’re teaming up to take on the Internet.

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