GeekendIt’s more Final Fantasy XIV this week here on The Geekend! If you’re on Cactuar, let us know, and maybe we’ll run with you. Of course, MMOs aren’t the only games in town, but you’ll have to read on to see what else we’re playing. There’s also been some anime on the schedule, both classics and new releases. As always, when you’re done reading, head to the comments and let us know what you’ve been up to, too!

Ebony Brown – Staff Writer

I am finally coursework free for the next two weeks! I can finally catch up on some much needed gaming, especially Pokémon X. I have fallen deeply in love with the game and especially with my Snorlax which I have named Cuddles. This weekend, as its the end of the exam period, my university’s Anime and Manga Society is having a party. We may be nerds but we know how to throw a party!

Michael Riel – Staff Writer

I’m writing my Geekend this week, and I realized I haven’t watched a new anime or even any anime for a long while now. I did buy Chrono Crusade, but I haven’t got around to rewatching that like I want to — mostly because I’ve been clocking the endgame hours on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. As with other MMOs, after you beat the main scenario it doesn’t end, because their is way more stuff to do afterwards. Even thought the level cap is 50, it’s like your still leveling up because some of the gear you can get is amazing. I’m a bard, so I can get some cool looking bows, like the one I just learned from defeating a primal named Ifrit. It’s big and bulky, but when you wield it, it lights up like it’s on fire. You think one would get bored playing the same game over and over, and you are right. When I get bored of FFXIV, I’ve been playing some old school Jak and Daxter from the HD collection. Just something about the games of yesteryear all on one disc makes it somehow more fun. Not to mention Daxter’s one liners don’t get old, ever.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

Didn’t quite get the chance to finish up Yuruyuri season two like I had hoped thanks to real life getting in the way, but it’s almost done. It’s cute, and I think a little better than season one, but we’ll see how the last couple episodes go. I’m also super psyched that Saki: The Nationals is going on Crunchyroll, but they’ve taken their sweet time getting back to the mahjong. Yes, I really do watch it for the mahjong. Also for Stealth Momo. Writing this I just realized that both series have a character that basically has the ability to become “invisible” because their personalities allow them to fade into the background. On the gaming side, I’ve been putting some time into FFXIV. Like Michael, I have been working on my bard, but I’m a good 10-15 levels behind him. Nonetheless, I’m burning through the story content at a pretty good clip, so I’m sure I’ll be hitting that end game content soon! Finally, I put in the hours to finish off the Bravely Default demo, and it clinched buying the game for me. If you like the Final Fantasy style job system, you should definitely at least check out the demo. I mean, it’s free!

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