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You won’t pass your skill checks and get Elodie crowned unless you get your weekly dose of the Geekend!

In this week’s Geekend, we recap our Extra Life marathon, share war stories from Long Live the Queen, and find time for some great anime.┬áJump in and read about what we’re up to, and then head over to the comments to tell us what you’re geeking out over this weekend.

Jimmy Stephenson — Staff Writer
For the majority of this week, I’ve been really busy at work, and haven’t had a lot of time for games. I’m still on track for reviewing Guided Fate Paradox, and I’m putting a little time into Pokemon Y, but that’s about it. However, this weekend was a totally different story, as I was lucky enough to participate in the 2013 Extra Life charity event. For 24 hours, I joined Dan and several of our fellow gaming enthusiasts in playing and streaming different games for your and our enjoyment. We made it to the final boss in Phantasy Star Online, experienced the greatness that is The House of the Dead 3‘s voice acting, and held a midnight jam session with Rock Band. Toward the wee hours of the morning, I even attempted to speed run Dark Souls, and I managed to make it about half way before I was forced to give up. It was a great experience, and the best part is that we managed to raise over $600 in order to provided games and toys for sick kids. I would like to give a big thanks to all those who donated, watched, and otherwise supported us.

From the anime side of things, the online noteworthy thing I have to mention is a movie I rented through Netflix called Redline. This crazy racing movie combines the setup of Speed Racer with the insanity and charm of FLCL. For a nice change, the English voice work was done well, and the visuals are just awesome. I would totally recommend it for anyone who wants something just a little bit different.

Michael Riel — Staff Writer
It’s been a truly busy week, and not because I’ve been playing video games and watching anime non-stop. I’ve been doing NanoWrimo, which challenges you to right a 50,000 word novel in one month. That aside, I have made time for my other activities as well. On the anime side, I’ve been trying to finish up Attack on Titan and start on other series such as Karneval, Occult Academy and Killakill. As for video games, I’ve been slowly going through The Last of Us. I keep doing a repeat of getting stuck, getting past that part, getting stuck again, getting past that part, and so on (also known as the Final Fantasy 13 strategy).

Dan Furnas — Editor-in-Chief
Since Jimmy already covered what we did for Extra Life, I’ll skip ahead to the rest of the week. First and foremost, I finished up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. It was fun, and I enjoyed the random references thrown in. (Though one reference did result in the Carmen Sandiego theme song continuing to be stuck in my head). They really threw the kitchen sink at the mechanics as the game progresses; you end up having to break psyche-locks with Phoenix, identify twitches with Apollo, and use Athena’s Mood Matrix to get through the last case. The game’s ending was pretty good, and a little different, but I think the one I had constructed in my head was better.

Other than that, I’ve been putting in a little time on Long Live the Queen for the start of our Visual Novel Club. Jennifer talked about it a bit last week, but it’s a raising sim with VN elements, a la Princess Maker. I suffered a handful of untimely deaths (including several arrows to the… gut) before living to my coronation, but that’s the name of the game. I became a little narrow in my focus to get to the goal, making the Princess a highly skilled magician, so now I can get a little more experimental with the game (and probably get killed in a lot of new ways as a result).

Jennifer Griffith — Managing Editor
I finally managed to get Princess Elodie through to her coronation alive in Long Live the Queen! I’ve seen seven out of eleven deaths (including the one with the giant tentacle monster, shown at the start of this post), but I’m nowhere close to finishing off my checklist, so I expect plenty of replay value. The game actually recently released on Steam through Greenlight, so if you’ve been holding out just for achievements, now’s your chance to pick it up there. It’s just in time for our Visual Novel Club, too, so there’s really no reason not to join in the fun.

I haven’t had time to sit down and dig into as many games as I’d like, but mobile games have been a good way to get my gaming fix on the bus. I decided to try out Bit.Trip Run on the iPad, which is basically a mobile port of Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, and it’s pretty good. I’m not playing any more of it until they add digital buttons, though, because it tends to misinterpret my swipes, which is bad for a game that requires such precision. I’ve also been enjoying Kingdom Rush Frontiers, a tower defense game with a fantasy setting. It’s giving me some trouble because I don’t have a lot of practice with this genre, but the art is cute and I like the variety of towers you can get through upgrades. As for anime, I recently discovered that Netflix instant streaming finally has Japanese audio with English subtitles for a lot of their anime, so I tested it out with the first couple episodes of Black Butler. It’s great that Netflix actually managed to get subbed anime, so I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

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