GeekendHey there, Geekenders! This week, everyone’s relaxing, catching up on their backlogs, and enjoying the lull before the holiday rush.

Check out all our thoughts below and let us know what’s gotten you excited this week in the worlds of anime, gaming, and manga down in the comments.


Nicolas Fontes – Staff Writer

Gaming Saturday with Ebony and our housemate Leo, with lots of snacks and fun times~ Also, as per tradition, new SAO in this SAOturday~ 

And of course, enjoying some Omega Ruby~ Plan on writing some more this geekend!

Ethan Willard  Associate Editor

Well, I just got a restaurant job, which is what it is, but at least it pays the bills. I haven’t had much time for gaming. The only thing I have been doing, really, is going back through BioShock and replaying BioShock Infinite. I haven’t played too many games as I am short on money these days (not a shocker). But I’ve been watching footage of the new DLC for Destiny and it looks awesome. Might pick that up this holiday season. Other than that, I plan on buying Suikoden II, and continuing my anime watching.

Ebony Brown  Staff Writer

As it’s the last weekend before people go to different places before Christmas, I’m using the only day off I have this weekend (curses for working weekends…) to relax, eat snacks and play games with my housemates and Nicolas. I’m also feeling inspired lately, so maybe I will try sneak in some writing too.

James Stephenson – Associate Editor

Between a busy schedule at work and the bustle in the run-up to the holidays, I’ve not had nearly as much time for Persona Q as I would like. Instead, the most interesting things I have to say, gaming-wise, is about the recent update to Team Fortress 2. Titled “The End of the Line,” this update is completely user-created, with the centerpiece being an almost 15-minute long video created using the Source Film Maker. You can watch the video here, which I would totally recommend, because its pure awesome. From the anime front, I just sat down and watched Panty, Stocking, and Garter-belt. If the title wasn’t clue enough, this is a very bizarre show. In many ways, the slap-stick violence, shifts in animation style, and crude content make me think of it as almost a Japanese version of Ren & Stimpy, and other mid-90’s schlock. What drew me to the show, though, is the absolutely stellar english translation and dub, which manages to make the show even funnier than its original cast. Not a show to watch with you parents or kids, but a good time nonetheless.

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