GeekendThis week on The Geekend, we’re talking 3DS games and Final Fantasy with a dash of anime thrown in. Jennifer is still recovering from being overrun by Prinnies at the NISA press event, so Dan is filling in. Make sure to check out all of her coverage and interviews as they roll out! In the mean time, check out what we’re playing, and let us know what games and anime are getting your love this Valentine’s Day weekend down in the comments!

Jimmy Stephenson – Staff Writer

In preparation for the release of Bravely Default, I managed to plow through the last 3DS game that I had on my backlog, Ace Attorney V. I walked away very satisfied with the final chapters, especially when the overarching villain makes his appearance at the end. Overall, Dual Destinies managed to stay true to the feeling of the franchise, while making a few key differences that helped it stand out. Compared to the rest of the franchise, the stories of each case were much more interwoven, seeming more like one long tale than a bunch if smaller ones. While this did help to flesh out several of the new characters, I was a little disappointed that the last two cases took place in the exact same place. This feeling is alleviated a little by the fact that there is an additional case available as DLC, although I l haven’t had a chance to get into that one. Other than that, I’m also making slow progress with my Lalafell Conjurer in Final Fantasy XIV. The game is still beautiful, which makes just running around into something very enjoyable. It does make me wish that the game used the Vista system from Guild Wars 2, though. For now, I’m hoping to partner up with some friends and attempt a dungeon run sometime soon.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

I’m working on a few reviews right now, so I’m watching and playing through the titles to get those out ASAP. I just finished watching Wagnaria 2, the follow up to an anime series published by NIS America a few years back. It takes place at a Japanese “family restaurant” (think Denny’s but nicer) where all of the employees have some issues. It’s funny, but I don’t want to say too much about it. Games-wise, I’m working on two titles right now. First is Inazuma Eleven, the soccer RPG from Level-5. The story is a little ridiculous at times, even by shounen standards, but there are a wide range of characters to play as and against. The controls are a little awkward at first (using one hand to scroll the touchscreen and the stylus to move players, pass and shoot), but I acclimated pretty quickly. Honestly, you could say something pretty similar about Lightning Returns, as well. I’m a few days in (out of the 13 that you’re given in-game), and I’m not really sure what to think of the story I’ve gotten so far. I also kind of wish that the battle system were a little more traditional. Lightning is all alone, and the system is a cross between the Final Fantasy XIII system, dresspheres from Final Fantasy X-2, and a smidge of Star Ocean or Tales series battling. It’s all real-time with charging attack bars, which isn’t my preference, for sure. It’ll make some gamers happy, but I want my old turn-based Final Fantasy back!

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