GeekendHey there, Geekenders! After some time off, The Geekend returns. Michael, Jimmy and I talk a little about what we’ve been up to in the meantime. And be sure to check out Jimmy’s let’s play on our Youtube channel. What was it? You’ll have to read to find out…

Michael Riel – Staff Writer

Between life, the holidays, getting a writing gig with and marathoning Criminal Minds, it’s been tough keeping up with recent anime and games. But I have been able to at least get a little caught up. In the world of Eorzea (FFXIV) the newest patches have come out which added a new casino-type place called the Gold Saucer, which allows players to do things like race chocobos and play Triple Triad–the card game from Final Fantasy 8. On the anime side, I’ve started watching Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, a psuedo-Sailor Moon parody which uses a team of Magical Boys. I’ve also caught up mainly on Tribe Cool Crew and Durarara X2.

Jimmy Stephenson – Associate Editor

Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking away at Persona Q, trying to make it through each maze. However, even after powering up considerably from when I started, I still constantly have to be on guard, as even the random battles can wipe out a party in just a couple of turns. Sure, I suppose I could turn down the difficulty from hard, but at this point it’s a matter of pride. For Valentine’s Day, I also did a live stream of Catherine, which proved to be as entertaining as it was awkward. For those who might be interested, we’ve been uploading the recording of the stream on our YouTube channel.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been playing a number of different games here and there, not really sticking to any one game for a long time. I was playing quite a bit of Dragon Age: Inquisition for a while, but it’s been displaced by other games recently. I didn’t play the previous game, but I like a lot of the changes as compared to Dragon Age: Origins. I’m sure I will get back to it again soon, but I’ve been spending too much time playing Rogue Legacy instead. That’s been providing a fun challenge and the turns are just the right length to fall into the “just one more before  I quit” trap. I’ve also been putting some more time into Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been playing off and on, but I finally took a class to 50, so I’ll slowly be able to get my crafting and gathering classes up there, most of which are in the 30s and 40s right now. I’ve spent a little bit of time in Gold Saucer, too, but I’ve not really done any chocobo racing yet.

Coming up soon, Ethan and I will both be grabbing Reaper of Souls on PS4 and streaming that on our Twitch channel, so keep an eye out about announcements about that on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

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