GeekendHi everyone! Sorry this weekend’s Geekend is a little late. My trip back from San Francisco didn’t get in until 1 o’clock this morning, and I spent all day yesterday in the airport. As penance, we offer up thoughts from five different staffers this week, covering a little bit of everything.

Let us know what you’ve been playing and watching down in the comments!

Candy Lebby – Staff Writer

This week, in between work, work and more work I’ve been tackling Pokemon Omicron, a well-known hack (if you’re into hacks) which I’d heard was ‘very good’. Well- somebody lied. Ok, it’s not entirely rubbish, it’s just the operating system runs so very slow, and I guess I don’t have the patience, to spend 2 mins trying to run from a Zigazoon level 4. Everything else is great; story, characters- and the music too. But the sluggishness is driving me mad. So I put it down, and pick it back up when I have the spare patience. Haha. Apart from that, my boyfriend bought me the new Resident Evil Revelations game, as I’d wanted to review it, and I started on it yesterday. I’m already a quarter of the way through so it’s clearly not a long game, but that’s ok.

Ethan Willard – Associate Editor

I bought Bloodborne on Tuesday. I’ve been hating and loving every second of my life since then. Also Jimmy told me to watch RWBY so I am probably going to do that. As you can tell from my lack of verbosity, I’m really pissed off at Bloodborne right now. But I have to keep playing. But I also hate everything. But it’s so good.

Jimmy Stephenson – Associate Editor

Now that the slot on my 3DS has been vacated by Persona Q, I’ve been able to put in some time to other games. In this case: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. As always, the latest Layton game manages to combine a charming presentation with lots of brain teasers and puzzles. The story is just as silly as ever, but it somehow always manages to fit perfectly in that world. Being a fan of Final Fantasy music, Theatrhythm is extremely enjoyable for me. The addition of multi-song quests helps to give a bit of direction for players. That direction is quite helpful, since the amount of songs can be a bit overwhelming. Speaking of which, that reminds me of a puzzle…

Michael Riel – Staff Writer

I’ve been keeping up with Log Horizon, Durarara x2 and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE. I’ve also been busy trying to find the different pieces of a few different cosplays I am working on. First is Lil Slugger from Paranoia Agent. I actually had to rewatch the series to get the character, and I don’t remember it being as mentally and psychologically messed up when I watched it as a kid. Either way I was able to find many of the pieces to the cosplay with a couple minor things, like the buttons which I have to draw by hand and put together. The other major cosplay I’m working on is Death Gun from the Phantom Bullet Arc of Sword Art Online. I got the mask, but the costume I’m saving up for. I’m going to have it commissioned through etsy. On a final note I’ve been working on the side through Around Christmas time, I was accepted as one of their freelancers and have been working on a few of their lists. My first one was published recently as Top 10 Hub Areas in Video Games. Not trying to shamelessly self promote but it was exciting.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

I’ve spent the last couple weeks away from home, so I didn’t get as much gaming done as I would have liked. I did put in a little more time on Final Fantasy XIV, getting a few crafting classes to 50, as well as my bard class. My FC was also kind enough to help me out by putting together some high-level gathering gear, which was incredibly nice of them and makes hitting those unspoiled gathering areas that appear from time to time. Other than that, I put in a lot of time on Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which has been a lot of fun so far, and I’m looking forward to making that my new game while I’m on the train. Replaying through the battles is fun, but I really like getting to mix and match characters across all the games, like in Theatrhythm. I just got back from my trip and Atelier Shallie is staring at me. I can’t wait to dive into it this week. Look forward to a review of that soon!

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