GeekendHello, everyone, and welcome back to The Geekend! This week, Lightning is getting a little hate from a pair of JRPG fans, while Bravely Default and Ni no Kuni get some love… kinda. Meanwhile, Michael takes the shotgun approach to watching some anime while I chose to be laser-focused on Wagnaria. With Spring Break season starting up, some of you probably have a lot of gaming, reading and anime watching to catch up on, too, so let us know what you’re up to down below. And make sure to show Ethan, one of our new writers, a little love down in the comments, too!

Ethan Willard – Staff Writer

Although it may seem weird, bordering on infuriating, to some that I just beat Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, it does not change that it was a brilliant game that will be fun and relevant for years. I like to think that I am plagued by being chronically out of the loop, so it’s not shocking to myself that I just got my hands on Ni No Kuni. With that said, I have devoted the last week to sweeping the Summerlands, completing the post-game bounties (I was not prepared for the Ulk), and finding every material I can to create some of the more painstaking alchemy recipes. I am talking about you, Primordial Sword. Some of the recipes are ridiculous and require an obscene amount of item farming, effectively turning my weekend into deep bouts of frustration after attempting to steal the specific item for 3 hours, followed by far too brief periods of rejoice when the item is finally found, only to return to anxiety and angry bloodshot TV eyes. Don’t feel bad. I chose this life. While Ni No Kuni has been available for some time now, I am sure that I have sparked nostalgia within the depths of your soul to reunite with Oliver and the gang.

Michael Riel – Staff Writer

It’s been a busy few days for me for both playing games and watching anime. I received my copy of the new South Park: Stick of Truth, which I had pre-ordered and had been waiting two years to play. I was pleasantly surprised that it’s very true to the show and pays homage to the new episodes as well as it does with a lot of the older ones. I’ve also been reliving Kingdom Hearts through the Final Mix collection that was released not too long ago and I’ve been trying to get myself to play more of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but without spoiling too much, I haven’t hated a Final Fantasy game this much since 12. The game just feels wrong to me. For anime, I’ve been catching up on a few series I needed to finish including Princess Jellyfish, the last few episodes of Attack on Titan and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish Princess Jellyfish because I pretty much hate one of the love interests for one of the main characters, Tsukimi. This is usually a deal breaker for me in certain anime or manga when I just, though usually unreasonably, hate the love interest character. Another good example is in the Yu Watase manga Ceres: Celestial Legend, where Aya the main character falls in love with the mysterious Toya during the series. I couldn’t finish the manga because for some unexplained reason I hate his guts and he doesn’t deserve the main character, so by not reading it or watching it, it never happened.

Jimmy Stephenson – Staff Writer

For the last week, my video gaming focus has centered solely on Bravely Default for the 3DS. I think that I’m closing in on the final areas, so hopefully I’ll be able to put up a full review sometime soon. For now, though, I’ll say that I’ve enjoyed the game immensely. The music is great (the basic battle music being especially catchy), and the areas are detailed and avoid some of the worn-out location tropes from RPG’s. I also like how the game overcame one of my primary fears that I had going into it. In the demo, the player was asked to perform a laundry list of standard RPG tasks, such as killing x amount of y or delivering packages to other people. It was a bit tedious, and the rewards did not make the effort seem worthwhile. So far in the game proper, though, I am happy to say that I have yet to run into any side quests of that nature. In fact, I actively seek out all of the optional quests I can find, because completing each one unlocks a new job for your party. This lends the mission a lot more weight, and make the much more attractive. Even after over 35 hours, I still haven’t unlocked all of the jobs. With so many options to choose from, there is a great deal of flexibility to approaching combat. Everything in the game just fits together really well, and for now I’m looking forward to seeing where the whole thing goes.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

Since finishing up Inazuma Eleven, I’ve been working my way through Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which has been a bit more of a grind than I thought it would be. You have a somewhat limited amount of time, as the world ends in 13 days (or fewer if you do poorly), but you’re able to manipulate it through freezing time and completing certain quests in the story. Admittedly, at first I was a little worried about having that time restriction as someone who likes to mess around and slow-roll my JRPGs, but even still, I was able to knock out the entirety of the main story by the end of day six, and you can’t finish things up until the last day, it seems. So I’m currently in the midst of running around doing side quests for the same amount of time as it took to beat the main story until the final day happens. So, I’ve been trying to go through and systematically exterminate each monster (Yeah, that’s a thing you could do in this game). Congratulations, Square Enix, the amount of time I have left is making me want to commit genocide on these poor creatures. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. Speaking of games with time limits, I also recently picked up my Persona 4 Golden save, which I rage quit after beating the Reaper and having the game freeze. I’m almost at the end of my first playthrough there (though I’ve beaten the original P4 twice), and I’ve worked my defensive magic so I have a couple of guys who are immune to everything except almighty, so things are pretty easy right now. On the anime side, I knuckled down and marathoned Wagnaria!! season 2 (with review in the works), which was alright and mostly the same as season one. It’s basically a more family-friendly version of working in the restaurant industry. I fell a little behind on my Saki: The Nationals, so I need to burn through a few episodes there to get my mahjong fix.

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