GeekendThis week was the fifth anniversary of our site! How did we celebrate? With games and anime, of course! Check out what we played and watched this week, and let us know what you’ve been up to down in the comments.

Michael Riel – Staff Writer
I’ve been focusing my attention with video games on three things. First, I finally started playing Grand Theft Auto V, and I have to say despite all the hype, it’s not bad, but it’s not the super-awesome, amazing, spectacular game I was expecting. Kind of taking a page out of Matthew’s article on game hyping, I think all the excitement around the game kind of raised my expectations a bit too far. I still like the game though, and playing GTA V got me in the mood to play one of my favorite open-world crime games Sleeping Dogs, the sort of sequel and reboot to the True Crime series. I’ve been reexploring the journey of Wei Shin, the main protagonist, as he plays undercover cop with the Chinese Triads and blurs the line between cop and gangster. I forgot how much more fun it was to expertly take out a group of gangsters with flying kicks and punches instead of the age-old, point-and-shoot method. Lastly, I’ve been continuing my obsession with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, because they just released the new update/patch 2.2 which added more story missions, new dungeons, the ability to change the look of your armor, and adding a garden to your guild house. Some of the changes may not seem changes may seem insignificant but seeing as how it’s still winter, and I’m no good at gardening in real life, it works for me.

Ethan Willard – Staff Writer

This week I finally finished The Witch and The Hundred Knight. It was a doozy… Which isn’t really a good thing. I’m not going to give anything away because my review will be up shortly, so you can just read that. In other gaming news, I re-downloaded DC Universe because I missed it and should never have deleted it in the first place. In my defense, when I deleted it I didn’t have as much space on my PS3 then I do now. I will be playing that heavily this weekend along with Dark Souls. Now that I am done The Witch, I can get back to the brutality. No anime this week. I’m looking around, but there is a lot of bad anime to sift through and get to the good stuff.

Jimmy Stephenson – Staff Writer

If you had asked me how long I thought it would take me to finish Bravely Default, I promise you that I would not have said 80 hours. However, as the end credits rolled, that is what the game’s clock said. Now, I will avoid spoilers, but I will say that a lot of what extended my play through was optional quests, and I could have gone through much quicker had I skipped those sections. For those who are interested, though, I would recommend seeing them through, as those quests often gave a lot more depth and context to many of the characters you encounter through the game. When all was said and done, I felt pumped about finishing off the final boss, and it was a rewarding ending. Beating the game also unlocks a special movie, which is very cool. Other than Bravely Default, I’ve continued my no-death run of Dark Souls 2. Am I being honest? Well, I’ll guess you’ll just have to watch and find out. From the anime front, I’ve finished watching Kill la Kill, in all of its insane, over-the-top glory. This show is a weird one, and whether or not I can recommend it to someone depend entirely on their tolerance of gratuitous, purposeful fan service. That they’ve tied fan service to every aspect of the show is often hilarious, but let’s just say this would not be the anime to introduce the genre to your parents. I’ll try to finish up my reviews for this and Bravely Default soon, so check back for my full thoughts on both.

Dan Furnas – Editor-in-Chief

After finishing up Escha’s story from the latest Atelier game, I put in a little time to see what Logy’s story was like to round out the review. However, instead of working on the review like I should have, I ended up putting time into three other games to decompress after a tough week in the lab. First off, I grabbed a copy of Goat Simulator because it’s mindless and way more fun than it should be. It’s really just a physics and tech demo, but it’s just so ludicrous that you can’t help but get some enjoyment out of it. It might not be worth $10, but once it goes on sale, it’s definitely worth picking up. Other than that, I put some time into my NCAA Football ’14 dynasty team and played someĀ Dynasty Warriors 8 ambition mode. Neither of them are amazing games, but they’re fun in small doses.

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