GeekendWelcome back to The Geekend! This week, everyone’s working on at least one review, so read on for a glimpse into what they’re thinking about the games and anime on their plates and stay tuned for the full reviews in the coming days and weeks.

Michael Riel — Staff Writer

This week has been another anime week for me, with a sprinkle of video games. I finished watching a series called Wizard Barristers which was pretty interesting. In the near future, Wizards exist as second class citizens and are treated with discrimination by the general public. Wizarding laws were instituted, and wizard criminals are tried in a special court known as the Court of Magic. The wizards are usually represented by Wizard Barristers, which are essentially lawyers who are themselves wizards. It was an interesting take on the prejudice view that a good part of the world seems to have these days. Continuing with magic, I also watched the full series of Witch Craft Works. It’s one of your typical “I’m a witch, and I must protect you”-type anime, but I enjoyed nonetheless. I also got around to finally starting to watch Durarara!, and although I was first confused at the anime, I think I’m finally starting to grasp the storytelling of it. On the video game side, I have been diving headlong into Mugen Souls Z, which initially had me excited because the main character isn’t Chou-Chou, but a different god named Syrma. I hated Chou-Chou from the first one, and hoped she wasn’t involved, but even though she isn’t a playable character, she is still along for the ride and still finds ways to annoy me. Of course, you’ll learn more about that in my upcoming review for it.

Ethan Willard — Staff Writer

Since I am reviewing Child of Light, what do you think I have been playing? The game is devastatingly beautiful. The visuals are so jaw dropping, I cannot wait to see each new area just so I can sit back and marvel at how stunning it is. However, I don’t want to rush my playthrough. I want to appreciate every inch. I spend a lot of the time just wandering around the environments, and to my satisfaction, the game rewards steering from the beaten bath generously with items and cool little nooks to explore. The combat is fun, reminiscent of JRPGs, while having its own identity. I know that Dan and Jimmy were not fans of the rhyming dialogue, I am frankly in love with it. Although sometimes it is a bit forced — and the quest descriptions can be confusing because you tell that the team at Ubi had some difficult finding a good rhyme — most of the time I have found it elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It is meant to be a fairy tale, so to me it makes sense that it is in rhyme. Without giving away too much so that I still have things to say in my review, I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Besides Child of Light, I am still playing Diablo 3. I just beat Nightmare mode, now it’s time for Hell. At this point I am just trying to find the most badass legendary items I can find. And I did watch some anime recently — Attack on Titan. I watched the first season, and now I am too excited for the second. It was a brilliant first season. Although those who have not seen it beware: It is quite sad.

Jimmy Stephenson — Feature Writer

I’ve gotten a little bit farther in Child of Light this week, and it continues to be a strange mix. I love the game’s visual and audio design, which really capture the fairy tale setting. One thing I was surprised by was how early the game gives you access to flight. There is no limit as to how long you can stay in the air, and it gives the game a more open feeling. It also makes it very easy to avoid enemies. It remains to be seen, though, if this freedom will come back to bite me for what will certainly be mandatory boss fights. My primary focus for this week, though, has been Dark Souls 2. Over the course of my playthrough, I’ve encountered plenty of strange environments and enemies, most of which killed me. However, after more deaths than I care to admit, I’ve finally completed my blind Let’s Play of the game. It’s been really interesting sharing my experience with everyone, and I hope that people have had fun watching. The last few episodes should be uploaded to our Youtube channel over the next week, so please follow along with me as I conquer the last few areas and bosses!

Dan Furnas — Editor-in-Chief

Unfortunately, real life got in the way for a good part of this week, but I did manage to finish up my playthrough and review of Mario Golf: World Tour. After playing through Mario Tennis Open on the 3DS, I was a little worried that Camelot had lost their touch, but Mario Golf is so much better that it’s not even funny. I really got almost no enjoyment out of MTO because it was so easy and certain shots always worked, so it felt like cheatingWorld Tour, on the other hand, offers more challenge both in single player and with the online tournament system. I also picked up Skullgirls Encore on PSN since it was free for PS Plus members, but I’ve only played a few rounds so far. I’ve never been great at fighting games, but the tutorial has been really helpful, and I’m already feeling a little more competent. On the anime side, I finished Haganai Next and will be writing up that review this weekend. I enjoyed both seasons of Haganai, but they really doubled down on the sexual humor. If you watched season one and liked it, this one is definitely worth picking up, but it really makes me want to see a third season.

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