GeekendHey, readers! Welcome back to The Geekend, where we talk about the games and anime that we’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying, as the case may be). This week, despite finishing off his Let’s Play of Dark Souls 2, Jimmy is still up for more abuse. Michael and Dan are working on anime binges, and Ebony is celebrating the end of her semester with some quality 3DS time. Let us know what you’ve been playing down in the comments!

Jimmy Stephenson — Staff Writer

Now then, let me look back on what I’ve been playing this week… wait, what? Still Dark Souls 2? Yes, it’s true; while I have beaten the game, the Dark Souls itch still hasn’t left me. I’m currently hoping that getting the Platinum Trophy will satisfy me. Luckily, acquiring all of the trophies in this game is much more straightforward than in its predecessor. There isn’t any need to farm for items, and there is a clear objective and path for all of them. Unfortunately, I will have to make my way through the entire game again, but knowing where to go and what lies ahead should make for a much easier time. After that? Well, I guess I’ll just have to learn to do something productive with my spare time. Maybe. On the anime front, I watched the first episode of Black Bullet, which seems to be a combination of other shows. It has the “humanity walled off against a terrifying threat” of Attack on Titan, with the more modern post apocalypse setting of Evangelion. I’m still not sure how I feel about it; I’ll have to wait and see how it progresses.

Michael Riel — Staff Writer

So I’ve finished playing and reviewing Mugen Souls Z. Overall, I would never play it ever again, enough said. I’ve also been continuing my anime-watching marathon, and I finished Durarara, as well as watched some other new and old anime. Durarara was completely different than I imagined it would be. At first, I thought it was going to be a supernatural/horror thriller like something out of BoogiePop Phantom, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was more of a reflection on humanity, using gangs and an Irish fairy. It was well written, and I’m just wondering why I didn’t watch it sooner. I’ve also been continuing with keeping up on the simulcasts of Tonari no Seki-Kun: The Master of Killing Time and No Game No Life. Seki-Kun has at least one more episode to go, while No Game No Life looks like the start of something bigger. NGNL, stars the brother sister team of Sora and Shiro. They are two shut-ins who play lots of online games and are known as “The Unbeatable Team Known as Blank.” One day, they are invited to a world where all contests, decisions and disputes are settled by games. In that world, there are twelve races ranging from elves to humans and other ones that haven’t even been mentioned yet. Humans, known as Imanity, are the lowest race because they can’t use magic, and their former king had lost a good portion of their land to different races, effectively making his people hate him. When he dies, he instructs that the new king be decided by a gambling tournament, which Blank enters and wins. Being the new kings, they wish to take on the other twelve races and prove that Imanity is not the pathetic race everyone thinks they are. They only have seven episodes so far, but from the development of the series it looks like they could take it far. Also, whenever I’ve been truly bored, I’ve started watching Naruto Shippuden for the fun of it.

Ebony Brown — Staff Writer

It’s official- I’ve finished university! This means I can have my hobby time again! In celebration of completion, I decided to treat myself to a new 3DS charger (mine is still in the realms of Hell) and Mario Golf for the 3DS. I plan on completely relaxing this weekend, just me, my 3DS, Soul Eater Not and my mentor’s cats, as I’m cat sitting this week. Nya!

Dan Furnas — Editor-in-Chief

After finishing off Haganai Next and its review, I’ve kept the anime train going. This week, I watched Nyaruko: Crawling with Love. I had previously watched the first episode or two with Jimmy and some friends, and none of us were that thrilled with it. So, when the review copy showed up at my door, it was met with a little trepidation; however, it seems that absence made the heart grow fonder. Sitting down and watching the whole series, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed at first blush. The show features several Elder Gods and related creatures from the Cthulhu mythos depicted as schoolgirls, so as one might expect, the show has tons of references to Lovecraft, but the show also throws around references to tons of video games, other anime and manga series and Japanese pop culture. A lot of the jokes are cheesy, but it still has some funny moments. Hopefully, the full review will go up sometime next week. On the games side, I’ve just dabbled a little here and there lately. I played a little more Bravely Default, mostly just doing the job level grind before I move on in the story. I also played a few more games that were free through Playstation Plus, including Puppeteer. I’ve barely finished the intro of Puppeteer so far, but it’s a neat platformer, though I’m not sure if I’m in any rush to finish it. That may be more due to the number of things on my backlog than the game itself, though.

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