GeekendHey, readers! Welcome back to The Geekend, where we talk about the games and anime that we’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying, as the case may be). This week, Ethan shows Child of Light some love, Michael takes some Baby Steps, and Dan finds out that raising idols isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Let us know what you’ve been up to, or let us know some games and anime we should try down in the comments!

Ethan Willard — Staff Writer

Well this week, as you may or may not have noticed, I finished my Child of Light review. The game was amazing. It will definitely be on my “Games of the Year” list. Since finishing Child of Light, I have been playing through The Last of Us again because I have only beaten it once and that game deserves more attention. I forgot how stressful and challenging it can be as I found myself repeating and getting frustrated on parts that I don’t remember repeating in my first play through. Besides that, it has been pretty quiet on the Eastern front in terms of the games I have been playing. The summer drought for gaming is definitely in full effect so I am probably going to use the time to figure out how to get good at Dark Souls, maybe pick up Watch Dogs (although it looks like a game I would get burned out on), and play some games I haven’t had a chance to check out in the past. Also, I will work on the next edition of The G.A.M.E.S Vault. I think on my next entry I will talk about Fatal Frame 2… although someone is going to have to convince me to actually play it.

Michael Riel — Staff Writer

For games I’ve been spending time around Spira. I bought the Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remastered Collection, and I must say I enjoy the way the graphics have been revamped. It almost makes up for the fact that Tidus is an annoying character. Oh and since you can change his name, I named him Cookie, just for fun. On the anime side of things, I finally finished Tonari no Seki-Kun: The Master of Killing Time since Crunchyroll finished its simulcast. Despite the short episodes, it was an amusing series to watch. I also started to watch Baby Steps, which is an anime about tennis. Normally I don’t watch sports anime, but I decided to give this a shot and I love it. It’s about Ei-Chan, a typical nerd who likes to keep his notes perfect to the point of obsession, until he decides he needs a little exercise in his daily life and takes up tennis. As it turns out he has a lot of potential for it, and his personality for being a perfectionist, as well as his sharp eye, allows him to begin excelling at the sport. I like Baby Steps because other sports anime treat their sports as if they were an action anime, like Dragon Ball Z with swimming (looking at you Free). Baby Steps doesn’t take itself too seriously and brings the slice of life aspect which compliments it. And speaking of sports, no amount of graphic revamping can lessen my hate for Blitzball.

Dan Furnas — Editor-in-Chief

I spent most of this week finishing up Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, which unfortunately, wasn’t everything I was hoping for. My review should be up in the next day or so, but for those who aren’t familiar, the game takes the characters from the Neptunia comedy/RPG games and drop them into an idol-raising simulator. While I enjoyed the management/sim aspects of the game, I was really hoping for more in the way of gameplay. When it’s time for performances in the game, you just control camera angles, but turning it into a rhythm minigame would have been so much more enjoyable. If you’re looking for something to play in this genre, you might want to look at Idolm@ster Shiny Festa or Hatsune Miku instead. Other than that, I’ve put a little bit of time into Dynasty Warriors 8. I’ve been trying to unlock the hypothetical story endings for the different factions to see how things would have changed if the major players weren’t killed off in the heat of battle or certain battles were won by the other side. While I probably won’t platinum this one like I did DW7, I’m still going to get more than my money’s worth out of playing it.

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