GeekendHey, readers! Welcome back to The Geekend, where we talk about the games, anime and manga that we’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying, as the case may be). This week, time is in short supply for the staff, but we still managed to get some gaming in between the buying frenzies of the Steam summer sale.

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Michael Riel–Staff Writer

So my family got a PS4 recently and while, it’s a cool system, I haven’t gotten to play it much because it’s a “family PS4.” That means everyone else uses it for Neflix and Hulu, so I’ve mostly stayed on my PS3 and am planning on saving up for my own. Hoping to have enough by September to get the white PS4 Destiny bundle. I did get back into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, just in time to see Patch 2.3, which is going to be released in early July. It promises new dungeons, a new primal battle with Ramuh, and a few other things including Chocobo raising. On the anime side of things, I’ve been keeping up with Baby Steps, and finished off No Game No Life has ended with it’s twelfth episode, severely disappointing me. It promised so much more, but the light novel it’s based off of is longer so maybe there is hope for another season or something. I also found myself watching Interstella 5555, the full length anime music video movie, based off of Daft Punk’s Discovery album. It’s about an alien pop group who gets kidnapped by an evil record executive and brainwashes them into being the Earth’s most famous pop group, for nefarious reasons. The whole movie is just music with a few sound effects and no spoken dialogue at all. Truly a masterpiece.

Jimmy Stephenson–Staff Writer

This week, I’ve been preparing for vacation, so I haven’t really had a whole lot of free time for gaming. However, the Steam Summer Money Pit has also been going on, and I couldn’t help myself. I’ve picked up a few things that I had previously passed over, as well as a game that I hope to do a Livestream with after I get back. I did get a chance to try out one new game, and it was a bit of a doozy. Just from looking at the title, you can probably get an idea of what to expect from Orion: Dino Horde. Basically, the game is a sci-fi-themed co-operative horde mode, but with dinosaurs. The results are just as bizarre and chaotic as that sounds. You can pick from a couple of classes, upgrade your abilities and weapons between waves, and unlock vehicles to help give you an edge against the flood of lizards. The game isn’t as polished as some of the more mainstream shooters out there, but all that is forgiven when a triceratops rams into you tank and sends it hurtling across the stage like a rag doll.

Dan Furnas–Editor-in-Chief

Unfortunately this week, I’ve been buying more games than I’ve been playing. It was a busy week in the real world as I prep for my next teaching job. I did manage to score a number of games from the Steam sale again (which is almost over now), but only had time to play a little bit of Battle Princess of Arcadias and Civilization V, neither of which I finished. I already talked about Battle Princess last week, and I don’t really have much to add as of yet. The battle system is the same as it has been, and the story is still just as ludicrous at times. As for Civ, I picked up the expansions during the steam sale and started a campaign under the Danish flag. Having only played the base version of Civ V, the tweaks made with the add-ons are a definite plus. Certain aspects of the game seemed a little broken at times (I’m looking at you, Culture Bombs), so the re-balancing that was done makes the game much more fun to play. Now, here’s to hoping I have time to finish it soon…

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