GeekendHey there, readers! Welcome back to The Geekend, where we share with you the games we’re playing, anime we’re watching, and manga we’re reading this week. This time, Ebony and Nicolas are enjoying some Pokémon, and Jimmy and Jennifer keep up with some simulcasts.

Ebony Brown — Staff Writer
The life of a graduate will continue this weekend: sleep, job hunting, sleep, watch anime, play some Pokémon X (which I have yet to complete because when it came out, I was far too busy doing coursework!), and then job hunt some more. But this weekend, I will also be working on a new documentary, which I plan on sending in to the BBC. And who knows, maybe it will be shown on television!

Nicolas Fontes — Staff Writer
I’ll be taking part in the Battle of Legends online Pokémon competition. Finally, a competition that doesn’t have the pesky “You can only use Pokémon bred in Kalos” rule! Even better, I can save the battles on the Vs. Recorder so I can have practice battles against my opponents to improve! I’ll also be watching more Sword Art Online II and work on my next chapter.

Jimmy Stephenson — Interim Editor
Sadly, a week-long trip for work has kept me from playing more of Transistor (don’t worry, there are still episodes queued up for release). However, being on the road gave me the opportunity to dive into a game I’ve been looking forward to for a while now, Shovel Knight. This Kickstarter-funded game is an action title that evokes the feel of Mega Man, Ducktales, and other platformers on the NES, complete with a limited color palette and chiptune music. Add in just a pinch of Dark Souls, and you’ve got a very fun action game that I would recommend to anyone who might be looking for a bit of challenge. I’ll be putting together a full review shortly, so check it out for more details! Anime-wise, I’m still waiting for something interesting to happen in Sword Art Online II, and I’m continuing to enjoy the epic manly melodrama that is Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Jennifer Griffith — Managing Editor
I still haven’t had alot of time to play games lately, but at least I managed to get some time in on Mario Kart 8! I still suck at racing games, but they’re fun anyway, and I love the motorcycles this one added. Anime comes in bite-sized segments, though, so I’ve been able to squeeze some of that into my schedule. I watched the second Sailor Moon Crystal episode last week, and I have to say, Usagi’s Japanese voice is really getting to me. She’s annoyingly high-pitched. Otherwise, I’m still loving the show, and I can’t wait to see Sailor Mars join the team! I also finished up some straggling episodes I had left to watch on Psycho-Pass. Between this and Madoka Magica, I have to say, Gen Urobuchi has away with scriptwriting. I highly recommend this for anyone into cyberpunk/dystopian future fiction.

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