GeekendHey, readers! Welcome back to The Geekend, where we talk about the games, anime and manga that we’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying, as the case may be). This week, it’s zombies, Pokémon, and the search for some new summer anime to watch.

Let us know what games, anime, and manga you’ve been enjoying down in the comments!

Ethan Willard–Staff Writer

I picked up Left 4 Dead 2 during the Steam summer sale for the absurd price of 5 dollars, so I have been slaying zombies pretty hard lately. I love the Left 4 Dead series, and used to play them all the time, so it’s nice to get back into the franchise. Aside from cutting zombies to shreds with machetes, I have also been playing some Borderlands 2 every now and then. The cel-shaded graphics make everything so quirky, almost macabre in a funny way. Besides that, I am quietly awaiting the day I purchase my PS4. It’s coming. Oh, you better believe it is coming. My band is about to go on two short tours, I work the rest of the free time I have, and I am also in the process of moving. Needless to say things are hectic, and buying new games and systems is a little difficult as I need to save money for stupid grown up stuff. But, that in no way means I will be completely responsible. By the time Far Cry 4 comes out, the PS4 will be in my possession. Also, The Crew looks amazing. As far as anime, I really need to kick myself into gear and just put myself in a couch and watch some damn anime. What should I watch?

Nicolas Fontes–Staff Writer

I’m writing some more Fortuna Academy and working on my latest article. I’ll also be watching the long-awaited Sword Art Online II. I’ve been waiting for it since its confirmation! I also might go nuts on Pokemon Y and clear Super Singles in the Battle Maison. Bring it on, Battle Chatelaine! Greninja and I are ready for anything you can throw at us!

Dan Furnas–Editor-in-Chief

I finished up Battle Princess of Arcadias this week. I don’t want to spoil the full review, but while it was a fun game, it certainly wasn’t without its flaws. The big disappointment was that it got away from the mix of siege, skirmish and solo combat that kept things fresh early on, instead relying heavily on solo battles as the game draws to a close. While it didn’t irreparably ruin the game or anything, I did miss the skirmish battles towards the end. I also started the arduous process of migrating my pokémon over to my Gen V games so I can put them in the Bank. I wish that they could just be transferred and not have to play that annoying minigame each time. It was fun a couple times, but transferring hundreds of creatures, six at a time, is tedious enough without having to slingshot pokéballs at them to get them into the next generation’s game. On the less whiny front, I’m excited for the return on Sailor Moon. It was one of the first anime I ever saw, so the series has a special place in my heart. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy the reboot! Other than that, I’ll have to grab a few other shows to check out and see if any of them grab my interest. Like Ethan, I’m definitely open to suggestions, if you have any!

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