Welcome back to The Geekend, where we further enlighten your already geeky mind with our latest recs in the land of games, anime, and manga. This week, Jimmy finally gets to play the end of an episodic game, Michael and Jennifer are still hooked on simulcasts, and Ebony ponders some Sword Art Online art.

Michael Riel — Staff Writer
This week was exciting because I finally got my custom-made Deidara (from Naruto) cosplay wig, which means I can finally not use the crappy supplemental wig I’ve had for the past year. Nothing new with video games from me, unfortunately, except I’ve just been killing time on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn still. It’s kind of like my heroin, because I’m addicted to it and it calms me down and mellows me out. (“On the next episode of Intervention…”) On the anime side, I’ve been getting into Aldnoah Zero, which isn’t your average mecha anime. Fifteen years prior to the story, humans discovered a hyper gate that allowed them to travel to Mars. Many humans settled on Mars; they discovered even more advanced technology there and founded the Vers Empire. After they tried to take over the Earth, the moon exploded during a battle and rained debris all over the planet. After a fifteen-year ceasefire, the princess of the Vers comes down to Earth on a goodwill mission and is attacked and allegedly killed, which leads the Vers to attack Earth once more. It’s got aliens, robots, cosplayable characters and an epic soundtrack. It’s hard waiting for the next episode simulcast.

Ebony Brown — Staff Writer
Lately, I’ve been feeling really down but after a resolve, I’ve decided to start doing things I love again and become the old, happy-go-lucky person I once was. This means writing and drawing. I’m trying to draw a new thing each week and after my Frozen fan art last week, I may either draw something from Wreck-It Ralph (an all time favorite film of mine) or revert to type and draw another KiritoXAsuna picture. Looking forward to watching a new episode of that! (And I refuse to ship Shinon and Kirito!) But before anything, I need to clean my room. It’s been a month and I still haven’t unpacked.

Jimmy Stephenson — Interim Editor
This week, I wanted to finish up a game that has been on my list for a while now. I had put off playing Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us until the full story was available, and the last episode finally released recently. I must say, any fans of The Walking Dead game should definitely give this one a look. The art direction is quite striking, even more so than it’s predecessor. The UI has also been greatly improved, with the action scenes feeling much more dynamic and exciting. That said, the story is not quite as powerful as that of Lee and Clementine; the focus is smaller in scale, and it’s harder to be concerned for your character when you’re the biggest badass around. It’s also a little shorter than TWD, giving players more branching paths to explore instead. Altogether, if you’re looking for a detective story with a twist, you’ll be more than satisfied with this one.

Jennifer Griffith — Managing Editor
I knew the Rei episode was going to be my favorite Sailor Moon Crystal episode so far, and it didn’t disappoint. She’s so cool! Though at the end of Mars’ transformation sequence, I think she broke her hand…oh, that art. Also, I distinctly remember her being much more at odds with Usagi, and I really want that rivalry to come back. I also started up another simulcast, called Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. This series about a girl who tries and fails to confess to her crush only to find out he moonlights as a famous shojo manga creator puts new twists on old tropes and pokes fun at a lot of archetypes and stereotypical otaku behavior. It’s pretty hilarious! I don’t know if the girl will get the guy, but at least she gets to help him work on his panels, and there’s an endless supply of autographs to be had.

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