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Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully, you haven’t had too many unlucky things happen today. Of course, you could always wait out this day at home until the bad luck cloud passes, and The Geekend is here to help with some entertainment suggestions. The G.A.M.E.S. Blog staff is back to tell you what we’ve been into over the last week, so settle in as we share some cool games and anime. Don’t forget to jump into the comments to geek out with us!

Jimmy Stephenson, Staff Writer
In the wake of the beast that was Shin Megami Tensei IV, I’ve actually been taking it a little easy, while I decide what game to tackle next. I think the next big one I’ll get into is Pikmin 3, but for now I’m trying to push through Crimson Shroud for the 3DS. This homage to tabletop RPGs from Level-5 features actual miniatures in place of characters or enemies, which is kinda hilarious to see in action. So far, the highlight of the game has been the writing; the dialog is witty and charming, and the narration does a great job of painting a picture of the ruins you are exploring. The combat, which involves actual dice rolling, is quite strategic, with many options available to players. Right now, I’m currently struggling with. Particularly vicious encounter, but I’m hoping to push through and see the ending soon. As far as anime goes, I’ve caught up on the latest episodes of Attack on Titan, which is available on Crunchyroll. This show is dark and violent, so the squeamish might want to avoid it, but the art style, animation, and music are all top-notch. The show seems to be gearing up for an exciting conclusion, and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Michael Riel, Staff Writer
All week I’ve been playing nothing but Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’m not usually into MMOs, but this one feels different. It could either be that I’m playing it on my PS3, or that it’s a Final Fantasy game, but either way addicted would be an understatement. Besides that, I recently started my GameFly account, and one of the first games I got was the Mega Mind game. It was a disappointment, but what do you expect from a game based off of a movie? On the anime side of things, I haven’t watched any “true” anime because I’ve been watching the 80’s cartoon, Jem. A funny bit of trivia I found about it is that even though it’s an American cartoon, the animation was done by what would become Toei Animation.

Nick Eblen, Staff Writer
This weekend sees me having just gotten through the end of Dead Space 3. The game certainly left me with fairly mixed feelings, but I felt generally positive about it. Having just come off of one horror game, I kind of shudder when I look at Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs sitting there. I know it’s just waiting for me to dive through one of Frictional’s incredibly effective nightmare nightmare machines again. So, I’ve decided to put that off a little bit and instead, I’m planning on tackling the PC version of indie-platformer-puzzle game Fez. I’m mostly still trying to get through my backlog while simultaneously tackling the flood of games coming along over the next few months, so you can expect me to be alternating the new stuff with some shorter (probably indie) bits and bobs in there. Additionally, I plan on getting around to finally watching Ghost in the Shell Arise – Border 1 this weekend! Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite sci-fi and anime franchises, so I’m definitely looking forward to that a lot. In between all of that, I’ll doubtlessly be getting my shooting quota in with Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, per my standard weekend fare.

Dan Furnas, Editor-in-Chief
Over the last couple of weeks, I finished up Xillia and a run-through of Sweet Fuse. After that, I picked up a copy of Vanguard Bandits on PSN, and I’ve been playing it on my Vita. Vanguard Bandits is one of my favorite PS1 games, and I’ve beaten it two or three times before, but I can’t say no to another chance to play a Working Designs game. It’s a grid-based tactical RPG with giant robots and all the humor that the localizers at Working Designs were known for back in the day. I’m about halfway through, but I’ll be replaying it to get the other story paths, I have no doubt of that. And when my TV hasn’t been running through Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing (Thanks, Netflix!), I’ve been catching up on Senyu (hooray five-minute episodes) and Genshiken Second Season (hooray…traps?). Both of these are quite enjoyable for very different reasons, and both are on Crunchyroll.

Jennifer Griffith, Associate Editor
I actually put Shin Megami Tensei IV down for a while so I could have time to achieve 100% completion on Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. It was interesting going through each character’s story to uncover some new part of the mystery behind the crazy pig who wanted to blow up Keiji Inafune’s amusement park, and it’s really hard to pick a favorite path. (Though if I were put on the spot, I could narrow it down to Shirabe, Meoshi, or Mitarashi. Feel free to debate me in the comments!) Once I finished up Sweet Fuse, I finally got back to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations on the iPad, and I’m on the wild ride that is the final case. Can’t wait to get started on Apollo Justice next! I’ve also been having a ton of fun with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. It has a real learning curve, but once you get past that, it’s pure rhythm game zen. I’m totally hooked on this thing, even though I never really got into Vocaloid music before now. Props to Sega for taking a chance on this one, and I hope it does well enough for them to bring over the Vita game.

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