GeekendHey, readers, it’s time for another round of The Geekend! We have a full house this week, with five writers talking about what they’ve been up to. What anime, manga, and games have our attention?

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Michael Riel–Staff Writer

Besides the normal keeping up with Baby Steps, Sailor Moon Crystal, SAO II and Aldnoah Zero, I finally finished watching Kill la Kill. It was a truly crazy anime and the ending was very satisfying. I just wished I had watched it sooner. I started watching Noragami which is about an obscure Japanese who tries to earn respect by fulfilling wishes for people. His dream is to have his own shrine and be worshiped by the masses. There is some action as he has to fight Phantoms which are manifestations of spirits that affect humans negatively.

Nicolas Fontes–Staff Writer

I’ve been reading the complete manga series of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, and hopefully this weekend I’ll get to watch the latest Episode of SAO II: Phantom Bullet with my lovely fiancée tomorrow. I’ll also continue to train my Kalos-born pokémon in Y.

Ethan Willard–Associate Editor

I have a bit of a lull in gaming as of late, which is unfortunate. I am essentially just waiting for Destiny, The Evil Within, and Far Cry 4. But, Guillermo del Toro’s new horror game, P.T., looks insane! So I am looking forward to that. I just received in the mail Far Cry 3 and Metro Last Light, so I have been playing them pretty heavily. It’s fun to play through FC3 again. I had it for 360, and then it broke, so it’s nice to have it back. Metro Last Light is good, though I am a little disappointed thus far. The gameplay is kind of boring. But I am only 2 or so hours in, so hopefully it improves. In terms of anime I have been watching Psycho-Pass, and finishing up Fate/Zero.

Jimmy Stephenson–Associate Editor

The big news of this week is that I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my Let’s Play of Transistor, the spiritual successor to Bastion. The game is stylish and wonderfully bizarre, and I’ve really enjoyed playing through it. The last couple of episodes should be available on our Youtube page soon, so please check them out if you’re interested. Other than that, I’ve really been anticipating Smash Bros. a lot, and can barely wait until the 3DS version releases in October. In the meantime, I decided to scratch my itch for Masahiro Sakurai by digging back into his last game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. Despite a slightly convoluted control scheme, this game is still a ton of fun, with a surprisingly charming story and fun online play. It seems like a lot of the design templates that went into Uprising will be making an appearance in Smash, so this is the next best thing to having the game in my hand.

Dan Furnas–Editor-in-Chief

Since the last Geekend, I tore through Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The review is up now, and it was a solid game, but it just didn’t always mesh quite right. That’s the trouble with a lot of crossover games, though. When you take two (or more) established worlds, unless you through them all into a Smash Bros.-style arena game, some things aren’t quite going to fit. It’s still not bad, definitely worth playing for fans of either series. I’ve also been chipping away at Xillia 2 in the meantime. I haven’t gotten as much PS3 time as I’d have liked, and it’s thrown off my review schedule a little bit. Hopefully that will change, as I just received a review copy of another PS3 game that I need to turn around in the next few weeks. But you’ll have to wait until next weekend to hear anything about it because it’s embargoed for a few more days…

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