They don’t run your internet browser and they don’t sell you car insurance, but that’s not the reason they’re here. They are the lizards of video games and they are here to represent by showing the rest of the animal kingdom that even though it’s not easy being green, they can stand up to the best of them. While many lizards crawl around our favorite video games, only a few have come to prominence.

GexGex the Gecko – Gex

They say that too much television will rot your brain, but that’s not so for Gex. After running away from home because his mom sold the TV, Gex returned home, surprised with a sizable inheritance. Using this money oh so constructively, Gex bought himself a mansion with a huge TV.

Unfortunately for Gex, a giant hand pulls him into his television, and he is forced to traverse the lands of the boob tube, a.k.a. the Media Dimension, to stop the evil Rez from taking over the world. Gex has defeated Rez on three different occasions using nothing but his skills as a bipedal gecko and a few James-Bond-esque gadgets for good measure. And all Gex wants to do is make it home in time so he can watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

ScalerBobby “Scaler” Jenkins – Scaler the Shapeshifting Chameleon

Bobby Jenkins was a young kid who caught the ire of a few public figures, all because he started a campaign to “Save the Lizards.” Bobby is then captured and interrogated by those same people, he sees them for who they truly are, mutant lizards.  After their interrogator Bootcamp loses his temper, a portal is opened which sends Bobby into a surreal jungle dimension, but also transforms him into Scaler. Throughout his adventure of beating up monsters and sliding on vines Sonic-style, Scaler learns he has the ability to transform into different surprisingly useful lizards forms. Depending on the form you are given different abilities which range from rolling around in a spiky death ball to being able to fly. Scaler may be an average-boy-turned-lizard, but given the right tools, he may just be able to save himself, which ironically would count as saving the lizards.

SceptileSceptile – Pokémon

In our lives there are many choices we have to face everyday, but none as important as that moment when we have to choose between one of three starter Pokémon. No matter which generation it is, it all boils down to three options: water,  fire or grass. In Generation 1, going grass type meant Bulbasaur. Generation 2 was Chikorita, and Generation 3 was the debut of Treeko, a small lizard-like Pokémon which first evolves into Grovyle and eventually Sceptile. As with its predecessors, Sceptile looks like the mutated offspring of an animal and tree but is vastly superior when it comes to speed and power. With his signature move Leaf Blade, which is a souped-up version of Razor Leaf, this bipedal lizard creature cuts down foes with a mere flick of its tail. As a testament to its overall strength and aptitude, in the anime, Ash’s Grovyle evolves into Sceptile during a show of strength while on a mission to save the lovelorn lizard’s sweetheart. Sceptile is a true mean, green, fighting machine.

alex-tekken-2-pictureAlex – Tekken

Cloned from a fossil Jurassic Park style, Alex was instilled with the genetic data of an unnamed martial artist. He was created by Doctor Boskonovich during Kazuya Mishima’s reign as head of the Mishima Coporation . Sine only being featured in several of the Tekken games, Alex was  mainly used as a palette swap for Roger, but finally earned his own character slot in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. While Tekken features a couple animal fighting characters, Alex is a dinosaur with boxing gloves, and already that makes him memorable. Overall, while  not having much to do with the overall Tekken story arcs, Alex has proven he can compete with the best in the King of Iron Fist tournaments.He doesn’t breath fire, and he can’t fly, but Alex is one lizard you don’t want to trade blows with.

So, who needs car insurance when you can save the world? Are there any video game lizards that you think should of slithered their way onto this list? Let us know below or you might see a certain gecko come out of your TV and ask for your opinion personally.

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