Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy is planning on blocking access to any site that produces, resells, imports, or allows online play of games that have a NC (not Classified) RC (Refused Classification) rating according to the Office of Film and Literature Classification of Australia (OFLC).

Leading Contender for Biggest Douche in the Universe - Stephen Conroy
Leading Contender for Biggest Douche in the Universe - Stephen Conroy

Anything not deemed suitable for a 15 year old and all items not submitted for classification are automatically given a Not Classifed. There is no Adult only classification in the Australian rating system. So if your 15 yr old can’t use it, neither can you.

Since this applies to online games this means no World of Warcraft, FFXI, FFXIV, GuildWars, or even flash games at Newgrounds.

Previously this rule only applied to Brick and Mortar stores and Adults could get their entertainment through online ordering. And while I don’t think it should have been blocked at retail at least it was still available in a “behind the counter” sort of way.

To politicians like Conroy a poster on Slashdot, DnemoniX, summed up quite nicely why this will ultimately fail:

I will say this slowly for you politicians. The Internet sees censorship as damage, it will route around you.

All these politicians around the world just can’t get it through their heads that you can’t control the internet. IT WAS PURPOSELY DESIGNED TO PREVENT DATA FROM BEING LOST. The original designers were thinking militarily but it works just the same. The original ARPANET was made to prevent information blackouts and this is what today’s internet was formed from. It does not matter if its classified info or the latest GTA. You cannot stop the flow of information on the network. China has the best firewall in the world and they still can’t stop dissidents from reaching the world or stop the world from reaching them.

To the people of the world (especially the “think of the Children” Crowd). This has nothing to do with protecting the children. It is simply about control. You control the masses by controlling the flow of information. If they said they simply want to ban something nobody would go along. But if they say it’s to protect the children they know few will object as they can then paint the opposition as monsters, and you lap it up every time. Stop being a bunch of mindless sheep.

Censorship is wrong no matter who they are trying to “protect”. It really is a slippery slope. They will not stop at video games. They never stop. It really is a “give them an inch and they take a mile” situation. Don’t give them that inch. Vote this asshole out. Take back your country before it’s too late.

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