TheHighNotesIf you like anime or Japanese video games but don’t speak the language, you’re probably resigned to not understanding the lyrics of some of your favorite songs. You could read the English subtitles, but let’s face it: those don’t usually make a whole lot of sense. Of course, when subtitles look strange, you can chalk it up to the lack of a direct translation. It’s a different story when the lyrics are actually written and sung in English but somehow still don’t make sense.

In this week’s High Notes, we’re going to look at some English songs from anime and video games that are just strange when you know the words. Stick around and join us for some laughs as we scratch our heads over these lyrics.

The World Ends With You: “Twister” by Sawa
As much as I love the songs from The World Ends With You, I have to admit that most of them are a little on the strange side if you listen too closely. “Twister” just happens to amuse me because the songwriter seems to have a craving for candy canes.

“Crystals, blisters”
It’s all over now
Psycho cane
You’re so keen
I need more candy canes

“Cold cake, cold break”
Freak got a high kick
Mr. Twister
Moist with roistering

I only included a couple of verses, but all of the lyrics (which you can check out here) are just as insane. Even ignoring the gloriously ridiculous English, “Twister” is one of my favorite songs from TWEWY. I wouldn’t want to listen to it all the time, but when I’m in the mood for TWEWY‘s crazy electronic pop soundtrack, this is the track I go to first.

Persona 3 Portable: “Wiping All Out” by Mayumi Fujita (vocals) + Lotus Juice (rap)
The PSP remake of Persona 3 added the option to play through the game as a girl, and one thing that changed for the female protagonist was the battle music. Her battle theme is “Wiping All Out”, which happens to have some odd and appropriately feminine lyrics that you can sample below.

I’m not a princess
(A lot of anger in it)
Not your cutie girlfriend, oh no
don’t you know?

Flashy rhymes coated with spangles
Add some sounds in it times wangles
Three dots connect to rectangles
Just like music sounds connect to rambles

You can read the rest of the words here, but if you ignore how silly they are, the song actually mixes rap with a pop melody quite well. I think I actually prefer “Wiping All Out” over the male protagonist’s battle theme, “Mass Destruction”. It opens with a bit of fanfare before the rap kicks in, and it gets some cool points for arriving at the catchy vocals quickly enough for you to hear them before most fights end.

Spice and Wolf: “Ringo Biyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song” by Rocky Chack
I haven’t actually seen Spice and Wolf, so I have to thank our editor-in-chief Dan for suggesting this track for my list. He seems to have a gift for finding weird anime songs. This one is a particularly silly ending theme, and it’s probably the least sensical track on this list.

O seven apples on a witch’s tree
With seven seeds to plant inside of me
In springtime I grew a magic song
Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone

I looked at the world through apple eyes
And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie
I danced with the peanut butterflies
Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye

As you might have guessed, the rest of the lyrics are just as strange. Since I don’t really know the series, I confess that I can’t offer much in terms of context. Regardless, I love the nonsense in this song, and with words about peanut butterflies and sunshine pie, it’s a winner in my book.

Bleach: “Tonight Tonight Tonight” by Beat Crusaders
The last song in our trip through weird English lyrics is an opening theme from the first filler arc of Bleach. It’s not my favorite song from the series, but it does have some absurd lyrics. I have to thank Dan again for reminding me of this one. You can read the chorus below, and you’ll find the rest of the lyrics here.

Love is rationed
Across the nation
Love reflects world wide
Almost another day

“Tonight Tonight Tonight” is pretty fluffy, even for an anime opening. The arc it appears in revolves around a group of immortals who eat human souls to survive, and the song reflects that in no way whatsoever. It’s repetitive and generic overall, but when an anime lasts as long as Bleach, you can’t expect every intro and outro theme to be amazing.

That’s it for this edition of The High Notes! Now that you know the words to these songs, will you ever think of them the same way again? If you’re not too busy trying to find some nice instrumental tracks to get these ones out of your head, jump into the comments and share your favorite crazy English lyrics with us!

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