What’s a voxel you may ask? Well (according to Wikipedia), a voxel is essentially a 3D version of a pixel, and looks like a cube. Why should you care? Well, the new Humble Indie Bundle is out, and the headline game is the newly released Voxatron.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Humble Indie Bundles, they are a series of game releases that offer 1 or more games for purchase. The catch is, the games are sold under a “pay-what-you-want” model, and all games are DRM free, meaning you can install them on as many computes, as many times as you want.

While this means you can pay $0.01 for the bundle (you cheap bastard), not all the profits go to the game developers. By default, your payment is split between the developers of the games for sale, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (a NPO which strives to advocate for digital rights), the Child’s Play Charity, and a small tip to the Humble Bundle workers, which helps with bandwidth and storage space. However, you can customize your payment and give all your money to the developers (or just one developer), the charity, etc.

The current Humble Indie Bundle features an alpha version of a new game called Voxatron. This twin stick shooter is composed entirely of voxels, and has an amazing art style and some awesome electronic/chiptune music. While the game is only in alpha, users will receive all updates for free. While you could get away with paying for Voxatron alone, if you pay more than the current average (which is hovering at around $5.00) you will also receive “The Binding of Issac”, and “Blocks that Matter” for free.


The Binding of Issac is  a twin stick shooter with roguelike elements, such as permadeath, and features randomly generated dungeons and weapon placement, along with multiple endings and characters, allowing for some insane replay value if you want to try everything. The game was co-developed by Edward McMillen, who made up half the team that worked on Super Meat Boy, so you can expect a visceral yet simplistic art style.

The Binding of Issac

Blocks that Matter is an award winning puzzle games that features tetrominos that you must alter and place to create chain reactions. While it was originally an Xbox Live Indie Game, it has been ported to PC and has received even more acclaim.

Blocks That Matter

The Humble Indie Bundle is only going to last for 7 more days, so hurry up! The link to the site can be found below. Also, if you purchase the Binding of Issac and Blocks That Matter, you can get Steam or Desura keys for those games (since Voxatron is an alpha, it has no key for digital distribution programs)


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