Welcome to the first episode of The VN Club, where members of our site will gather together to talk about visual novels and games with visual novel elements. Our goal for this series is to shed some light on a genre of games that tend to fly under the radar for most gamers and help you find titles gamers might enjoy.

In our inaugural episode, Dan, Jennifer and Michael talk about Hanako Games’ raising sim Long Live the Queen. In Long Live the Queen,¬†you are tasked with guiding a young princess named Elodie to learn the skills needed to keep her alive and her country intact long enough for her to reach coronation, and it’s not as easy as it sounds!

We’ll make announcements about our next live recording session via Twitter and Facebook, and you can join us for the recording at our page.¬†Leave comments and ask questions during the recording, and we’ll answer them on the show! After each recording, you can find The VN Club’s uncut footage on our Youtube page, and you can listen to our podcast below.

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