Today, Square Enix announced the details of the preorder bonus for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, their upcoming rhythm based title; however, depending on your expectations, they may have hit a sour note. Those who preorder the game will receive a gripped stylus with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on it plus 17 stickers featuring the game’s chibi-fied characters. The top of the stylus has a space large enough for you to put stickers on, should you choose to personalize your stylus.

If you do choose to preorder, you’ll get your hands on these bonus items on July 3rd, when Theatrhythm Final Fantasy makes its North American debut on the 3DS.

While this isn’t the first time a free stylus has been used as a preorder bonus, it just feels a little lacking. In it’s heart, this is still a Final Fantasy title, and it deserves a little something more. Do you ever use your bonus styluses or do they just collect dust somewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I’ve never gotten a bonus stylus in a preorder, but I do have a couple of Doctor Who sonic screwdriver styluses. After the novelty wore off, I stopped using them. Too inconvenient, when the standard one fits so perfectly. A soundtrack would’ve been cooler, not to mention more fitting.

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