It has been about two years since Tokyopop last shipped one of Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! novels, but the wait will soon be over. Volume three came out in June of 2008, and there were rumors that Tokyopop had dropped the project after such a long hiatus. However, it has been announced that in February 2011, Tokyopop will publish the next two volumes together in one book entitled Ending Day By Day. Volume four originally released in Japan in 2000 with volume five coming out in 2001. Gatoh has said that there will be 12 full length volumes in the series, with 10 currently out in Japan. There are also eight side story collections as well. Tokyopop has not announced releases past volumes four and five, but if sales warrant it, subsequent volumes should be published.

For those not familiar with the series, Full Metal Panic! centers around Sousuke Sagara, a young soldier for the mercenary group Mithril. In this version of earth, the Cold War did not end, and various forces are still vying for world control using standard soldiers alongside giant robots known as “Arm Slaves.” When Sousuke isn’t engaging in battle, he is assigned to protect the daughter of a foreign dignitary in Japan and has to pose as a high school student to accompany her. The series uses the humorous situations created by Sousuke not acting like a normal student to break up the drama of the battles and intrigues that go on.

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