Kodansha announced that the final chapter of CLAMP’s crossover epic, Tsubasa, RERSERVoir CHRoNiCLE will end with the September 30th edition of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The 28th and final tankouban is due out November 17th in Japan, according to AnimeNewsNetwork. Del Rey, who holds the publishing rights to the North American translations has announced that volumes 23 and 24 are slated for release this October. Volume 25 is due out January 2010, and 26 is due out in April 2010. The DelRey website has yet to post information about releases for volume 27 and 28, but if they keep with their schedule, one could assume a July 2010 release and October 2010 release respectively.

The Tsubasa manga has been running since 2003, and while the story mostly centers around Syaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, there are characters from virtually every one of CLAMP’s series in the story. The manga began alongside another CLAMP manga, XXXHolic, and the two stories have interwoven parts, allowing readers of both series to see things from multiple perspectives. The simultaneously written crossover has been a very neat idea and done well to this point. I’m glad to see CLAMP finishing up this storyline, and I’ll be interested to see how it ends in Tsubasa, and the effect it has on the XXXHolic storyline. The series has thus far spawned a 52-episode anime series, 2 OVA’s, and a movie. While nothing has been announced at this point, considering Tsubasa is CLAMP’s longest running manga, there will more than likely be at least one more movie adaptation for the end of the series.

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