Might I interest you in a Gigantes' Club?

Apparently now is a good time to open up a video game themed bar in the Pacific. Square Enix is opening up one in Japan while Yahtzee and friends are starting one in the Land Down Under.

Luida’s Bar is opening January 28th in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, oddly the same day as the Japanese release of Dragon Quest VI on the DS. It’s like Square Enix had it all planned out. Luida’s Bar (Japanese site) will sport a drink list and menu inspired by Dragon Quest. There’s also a preview week from January 22-27th for those who register on the site.

About 4500 miles away in the Southern Hemisphere, Ben Crenshaw, best known as Yahtzee from The Escapist, and three others have teamed up to open a video game themed bar call Mana Bar. The bar is set to open in February, but does not have an exact date yet. According to the Joystiq article, there will be no cover charge and you can play video games while you throw back a few. Yahtzee also intends to hold gaming tournaments and game release parties held at Mana Bar.You can grab updates on about Mana bar via Twitter or Facebook.

Now, I know Japan loves them some Dragon Quest with DQIX selling over 4 million copies last year, but I don’t see Luida’s Bar as being much more than a short-lived fad. It seems like the kind of place that a Dragon Quest fan might stop by once to say they did it, and that’s it, but I might be underestimating the power of Dragon Quest. I think Mana Bar will have much more staying power as it’s not completely geared towards video gamers. We have a local bar here that offers old-school video games while you drink, and it seems to do OK for itself; so, I expect similar results for Mana Bar. Would you go to one of these bars regularly because of its video game theme?

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  • I would go. 1982 (the local bar for us) uses video games as an after thought really though. To compare I think the games need to be the main attraction with the ability to get alcohol as a bonus. Although for a little “hole in the wall” 1982 isn’t that bad.

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