Ubisoft; the video game company who has made its name through games such as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy and Just Dance. Nvidia; a technology company responsible for creating Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s), which are the electronic circuits responsible for your game graphics on your mobile phones, PC’s and game consoles. These two different companies have decided to join together to try and bring a better gaming experience for everyone, everywhere.

But wait, isn’t it the goal of every other video game company to give us the best gaming experience possible? So, how exactly do Ubisoft and Nvidia plan to up the ante? Both companies are concentrating on PC gaming and are using Nvidia’s Geoforce GTX GPU’s to make PC games shine and sparkle.  From this partnership, two new effects have emerged thus far, TXAA anti-aliasing and Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion. TXAA creates a smoother and clearer image, smoother animation and softer shadows like you might see in Hollywood movies. Combined with this are improvements to HBAO, which creates more realistic shadows and has been a main inclusion in the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

If you are new to the Splinter Cell franchise, most of the gameplay involves you crawling and sneaking around in the shadows to silently kill everyone in your path. It is important to take advantage of stealth, and to get the most out of the silent but deadly method, the shadows that provide your cover need to be as clear possible, so you can be that soldier-ninja you’ve always wanted to be. Of course, no one can explain it better than those who not only created the game, but created the technology to go with it, so check out this video of how the graphics interface has been improved for Splinter Cell: Blacklist from E3 2013.

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