If you happen to be in Alma, Michigan this weekend, stop by Alma College for AlmaCon!

What:  AlmaCon
When:  Friday, Febuary 10th – Sunday, February 12th, 2012
Where: Alma College, 614 W. Superior Street, Alma, MI  48801

Alma College Otaku and Gamers (ACOG) will be hosting its second AlmaCon, an anime and gaming convention to be held February 10-12th.  This free-to-enter convention features a cosplay competition, artist’s alley, vendors, anime screenings, a video game lounge, tabletop/card/board gaming, and a charity auction.

Alma College professors will be hosting a wide variety of panels, such as “The Physics of Gaming”, “The Archeology of Board Games” and more.

If you’re new to the D&D scene, stop by the “Monks, Berserkers, and Assassins!  Oh My!” panel to learn a little more about building a character for your tabletop RPG campaign.  Or, if you’re a veteran dice roller, sit in on the “Creating Your Own Tabletop System” or “No, You Cannot Create a Small Star and Call it Novakashima: GMing” panels.

For those of us who prefer to game with controllers instead of dice:  check out “Punching Trees for Wood 101” and “Video Game Gems” (or its opposite, “Vomit-Inducing Video Games”).

Anime fans can stick around for “Shinji Ikari – Total Bad @$$: An Explanation of Evangelion”,  “The Best Anime You Haven’t Seen”, and “Who is the Best Anime Couple?”.

For the more active crowd:  stay up late for the “Rave for Relay” or the “Cosplay Charity Ball” . . . or just live out your first-person-shooter games in real life with some “Foam-Based Dart Gun” action.

Guests include: voice actors Kyle Hebert and Tiffany Grant; artists and webcomic creators Kevin Bolk and Chris Niosi.

Bonus points:  proceeds from ticket sales for the rave, the ball, and some of the revenue from the vendor area are to be donated to the ACOG Relay For Life Fund, AND you can donate any spare change you might have to the Child’s Play Charity!  Check out Relay For Life’s Website and Child’s Play Charity’s website for more information.

Visit AlmaCon’s Official Website for more details!


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