It was back in November that Viacom announced that it would sell Harmonix due to it not being profitable (from their standpoint at least). EA then said that no one would or should buy it until they sell for around 5% of the asking price at the time. Then just before Christmas Harmonix was sold to Harmonix-SBE Holdings LLC. At the time no one was let in on what the terms of the sale were. Well now according to sources talking to The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, Viacom sold all of Harmonix for less than the price of a retail disc of Rock Band 3. The deal apparently entails that the buyer will assume ALL the debts, ALL the overstock of items in the warehouse, and ALL the hassle of licensing the music. The deal was also structured so that Viacom would get a $120 million tax write off.

Hell for $49.99 I would have taken that deal. The new owners are going to have to be the worst business men in the world to not be able to make money on this deal.

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