ICv2 has compiled a list of the top 25 selling manga series for the first half of 2011, and VIZ dominated sales with 14 titles lead unsuprisingly by Naruto, Bleach, and Vampire Knight taking the top three spots. The manga and anime giant has weathered the contraction of the graphic novel market better than many other companies, especially in light of Tokyopop closing earlier this year and Del Rey reverting all its titles back to Kodansha. Even still, Tokyopop managed to put three series on the list and Del Rey favorite Shugo Chara made it as well.

Yen Press made an impressive showing, picking up the remaining seven spots on the chart with Black Butler coming in fourth. The company has done very well for itself since starting in 2006 publishing a variety of manga, manhwa and original English language works. Coinciding with their strong showing, their Yen Plus manga magazine just entered year three this past week.

While it’s no surprise to see many of the titles on this list, there are a few publishers I would have expected to see at least one title from. Hopefully Kodansha and Seven Seas will provide some competition for the current big two, and we will finally see some stabilization come back to the market.

Here’s the full breakdown of the top 25 sellers:

1 Naruto Viz Media
2 Bleach Viz Media
3 Vampire Knight Viz Media
4 Black Butler Yen Press
5 Death Note Viz Media
6 Blackbird Viz Media
7 Rosario + Vampire Viz Media
8 Fullmetal Alchemist Viz Media
9 Dragonball & DBZ Viz Media
10 Soul Eater Yen Press
11 One Piece Viz Media
12 Maximum Ride Yen Press
13 Alice in the Country of Hearts Tokyopop
14 Hetalia Tokyopop
15 Yu-Gi-Oh! Viz Media
16 Pandora Hearts Yen Press
17 Bakuman Viz Media
18 Fruits Basket Tokyopop
19 Dendeki Daisy Viz Media
20 D. Gray Man Viz Media
21 Yotsuba! Yen Press
22 Ouran High School Host Club Viz Media
23 Shugo Chara Del Rey Manga
24 K-On! Yen Press
25 High School of the Dead Yen Press

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