vizmedia_logoWith this latest round of licenses, Viz is set to release five new titles in the latter half of the year. Today, they announced four new Shojo Beat titles and one for their Shonen Sunday line.

Happy Marriage?!, set to release in August, is about Chiwa Takanashi and her arranged marriage. She is in line to marry Hokuto Mamiya, the president of a company and a man she’s never met before. Chiwa thinks she still has time to back out, but Hokuto doesn’t necessarily agree. The question is, will Chiwa settle down, or is their marriage doomed from the start?

Also set for August, Magi puts an anime spin on some of the tales from Arabian Nights. The story follows the brave, young Aladdin. He is in search of dungeons, and with the help of Ali Baba and a genie named Hugo, he seeks to find long lost treasures. The ongoing anime adaptation has been licensed by Aniplex and is currently running on Crunchyroll.

In Midnight Secretary, Kaya Satozuka is assigned to work for the managing director of Touma Foods. Despite the fact that she exceeds all expectations, Touma seems committed to making her fail. And then she finds out his secret: he’s actually a vampire. Once the secret is out, Kaya ends up working the night shift with Touma, and she has her hands full managing more than just business deals. Midnight Secretary is set to launch in September.

Hime Kino has one dream: become a voice actress just like her idol. She manages to get into Hiragi Academy’s voice department, but as the story of Voice Over!: Seiyuu Academy shows, that was just the first, and maybe the easiest, step. Once there, she meets her idol’s son who seems to think she doesn’t have what it takes. Seiyuu Academy, releasing in October, follows Hime’s trials and tribulations as she works to become the next big name in voice acting.

Coming in November, Sweet Rein‘s story offers up a little something strange. One day, Kurumi goes for a walk when she bumps into a boy. The boy insists that she is now his master, and the reins she is holding seem to corroborate his story. If that wasn’t weird enough, the boy begins insisting she is Santa Claus and then suddenly becomes a reindeer. Don’t worry; I just wrote that, and I’m as confused as you are.

If your brain isn’t hurting too much after that last one, let us know which series you might pick up in the comments!

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