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VIZ Media has announced a new set of titles that will debut in the second half of 2011, but they’ve also put one of their long-running series on hold for a while. According to Anime News Network, the publisher has put Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs on indefinite hiatus. VIZ has released 17 volumes of Yukiya Sakuragi’s manga thus far, and while they have not officially canceled their releases yet, the final five volumes do not have any scheduled release dates.

While one series goes on hold, VIZ has announced a slew of new ones beginning. Coinciding with the release of the Nintendo DS titles Pokémon Black and White, VIZ Media made an announcement about the manga version the fifth generation game. They announced that they will be releasing the first two volumes of the Pokémon Black and White manga series starting in July for $4.99 apiece.

Among their other new titles is the Japanese smash hit Dawn of the Arcana which will launch in December, a few manga titles based around the Mameshiba characters coming out in July and an omnibus compilation of CLAMP’s series X, which will be released in 3-volume sets. You can see the full list of new VIZ releases below.

POKEMON TRAVEL ACTIVITY KIT · Rated ‘A’ for All Ages ·MSRP: $11.99 US / $13.99 CAN · Available May 2011

This Activity Kit offers a variety of brand-new Pokémon from the new Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video games. The box of fun delivers hours of entertainment and allows kids to play alone or with friends. Included is a 64-page activity pad (featuring word puzzles, mazes, etc.), two sheets of stickers, one double-sided play poster, six crayons and two standees. All of this is contained in a durable, suitcase-type package with Velcro closures and a handle for easy portability.

POKÉMON BLACK & WHITE Vols. 1-2 · Rated ‘A’ for All Ages · MSRP: $4.99 US each / $5.99 CAN each · Available July 2011

Meet Pokémon Trainers Black and White! White has a burgeoning career as a Trainer of performing Pokémon. Black is about to embark on a Training Journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokédex for Prof. Juniper. Who will Black choose as his first Pokémon? Who would you choose…? Plus, meet brand-new Pokémon Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, and many more never-before-seen Pokémon from the unexplored Unova region!

Mameshiba: ON THE LOOSE! · Rated ‘A’ for All Ages · MSRP: $6.99 US / $7.99 CAN · Available July 2011

It’s a BEAN! It’s a DOG! It’s…BOTH?! Meet Mameshiba, the cute little bean dogs with bite! Starring in their first-ever adventures, they rescue friends, explore outer space and offer interesting bits of trivia when you least expect it! Hold on tight–Mameshiba are on the LOOSE! And don’t miss the Mameshiba Shorts!

MEET Mameshiba · Rated ‘A’ for All Ages · MSRP: $6.99 US / $7.99 CAN · Available July 2011

Are they beans? Are they dogs? Not quite either one–they’re Mameshiba! Though they all love to share weird facts, each has its own quirky personality. Find out about Edamame, Chili Bean, Lentil and all their friends in this insider’s guide packed with trivia, quizzes, comics and activities!

YU-GI-OH! 5D’s Vol. 1 · Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $9.99 US / $12.99 CAN · Available July 2011

In New Domino City, the hottest game in town is the Turbo Duel, fought on blazingly fast motorcycles called Duel Runners. On the outskirts of New Domino City, in a district known as Satellite, a new Turbo Duel hero emerges named Yusei Fudo! On his custom-built Duel Runner, Yusei takes on all challengers, fighting for his friends and the future of Satellite! Also included in first print-run editions is a bonus Dark Highlander collectible trading card!

PSYREN Vol. 1 · Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $9.99 US / $12.99 CAN · Available October 2011

Ageha Yoshina just got transported to a warped alternate dimension where you’ve got to fight your way back to our world – or die trying. “Save me!” Those were Sakurako Amamiya’s last words to her friend Ageha Yoshina before she mysteriously went missing. Now Ageha’s on a quest to find her. He’s convinced that the mythical Psyren Secret Society has something to do with the recent rash of disappearances. And now he seems to be caught up as a player in their very deadly game…

X 3-IN-ONE Vol. 1 · Rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens · MSRP: $19.99 US / $22.99 CAN · Available October 2011

X, the epic fantasy series from CLAMP, will be released in deluxe collector’s editions. The pages have been recomposed in the original right-to-left reading format and restored to their highest quality. Each volume contains three of the original graphic novels, along with gorgeous, full-color illustrations never before published outside Japan!

In X, Kamui Shiro is a young man followed by mystery. Taken from Tokyo by his mother while still a child, he must leave behind his closest friends. Returning to Tokyo after his mother’s death, Kamui is now a changed young man – moody and distant to his old friends, yet determined to protect them from the dark forces that constantly swirl around him. He is the nexus of a great cataclysm to come, and the inheritor to a strange destiny that could decide the fate of the entire world.

TESORO · Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $12.99 US / $14.99 CAN · Available November 2011

This is an engrossing manga treasure trove containing 14 charming stories about family, friends, couples and unexpected bonds. Written by Natsume Ono over ten years, here is the long-awaited collection of her early work, including numerous illustrations and previously unpublished stories!

Dawn of the Arcana Vol. 1 · Rated ‘T’ for Teens · MSRP: $12.99 US / $14.99 CAN · Available December 2011

To end the conflict between the warring kingdoms of Senan and Belquat, Princess Nakaba of Senan is sent to Belquat to marry Prince Caesar. Accompanied solely by her half-beast attendant Loki, Nakaba must learn not only how to survive the intrigues of a hostile court but also how to handle the mercurial Caesar. And in the swirl of secrets and treachery, there could be one thing greater than all: the mysterious power of the Arcana.

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  • Alice

    Ugh…I really hate American made manga, and besides, mameshiba is a Japanese title, why is this manga American made?…

    As for inubaka being put on hold, why?….. I was really looking forward to the next volume…..Viz better step it up or have another company pick up the rights to it, five more volumes to go….

  • I was a little surprised to see that Mameshiba was done by an English author, too. There are very few original English language manga that are even slightly enjoyable to me. I guess there must be people out there who like them if they keep publishing, though.

    I thought Inubaka was selling ok. I really don’t have a good answer for why it was put on hold. After investing that much time and effort into the series, I’m surprised they would put it on hold so close to the end. The fact that volume 18 was due out right before the hiatus was announced is kind of odd as well.

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