[UPDATED 15-Sept-2010] Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has confirmed the collection. (Via Adriasang)

Rumors have been going around since E3 that a Team Ico collection would be made. This would be similar to the God Of War Collection where the games from previous gen systems would be updated and transferred to BluRay. Well Walmart has let the cat out of the Bag. They now list a pre-order for ICO/Shadow of the Colossus PS3 Collection at a MSRP of $39.82.

An Official announcement has not been made by Sony so we’ll leave this as [Rumor] for now. Especially since the release date is set at April 1st, 2011.

But on the plus side the third game from Team Ico, The Last Guardian, is set to be shown off at the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

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