Any one who has ever bought a Sony brand memory card will not be surprised by this.  They are notorious for not only using non-standard cards but also charging an exorbitant prices for them.  The upcoming PS Vita will be no different.  Gamestop started listing the prices today for North America which are equivalent to the prices announced for Japan.

There cards will come in 3 sizes; 8GB will run you $44.99,  16GB  for $69.99, and the 32GB for $119.99.   Just for a price comparison I went on Amazon.  If Sony had went with standard SD cards you could get 8GB for $9, 16GB for $20, and 32 GB for $38.  That is some serious mark up.  I would recommend that if you insist on getting a Vita then don’t buy memory cards until some third party cards are available.

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