We all have those cartoons we think would make a pretty good anime. Why? Because the characters could be adapted well, or it could add a new dimension to the story and give it a sleek, new shine. A while back, I created a list of what could happen if certain cartoons were given their own anime adaptation complete with possible story and art style. But there are so many more cartoons out there! Let’s explore more amazing possibilities that could come if great shows were adapted into anime series.

Invader Zim

Zim is a disgraced Irkin alien, who was banished for absentmindedly attacking his own planet during their Operation Impending Doom I. After hearing about Operation Impending Doom II, he runs away from his banishment and attempts to join the Assigning, an event where the best soldiers are send to a planet to integrate themselves and begin the preparations for the incoming invasion force.  The leaders, known as the Almighty Tallest, send Zim to a world that is only speculated to exist (just to get rid of him). They give him a malfunctioning robot sidekick and send him on his way. Against all odds, he finds the planet, and it happens to be Earth. In an effort to make his leaders happy he begins a conquest to try and take over Earth, which pits him against his archrival Dib, his sister Gaz and other earthly and unearthly enemies that want his head.

What If Invader Zim Became An Anime?

Japanese Title: 外国人君主ジム (Gaikoku hito kunshu jimu)

Literal Translation: Alien Overlord Zim

Updated Artwork:

Source: http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/586036/Invader/

Genre: Fantasy/Mecha

It wouldn’t be tough to translate Invader Zim into an anime because many of the pieces are already there. Aliens, robots, a dark tone and comic relief. In the cartoon, we’ve seen Zim battle it out with other humans and aliens, trying to take over the world and never getting anywhere, but what if we were to turn that on its head and have them partner up to save the world? It’s not too far-fetched! What if the Irkin overlords, the Almighty Tallest, decided that Earth was not useful to them, and they wanted to get rid of it along with Zim, the biggest thorn in their side. All Zim wants to do is take over Earth, and Dib, and by extension his sister Gaz, wants to save it. So to stop the Irkins, Zim and Dib must team up to save Earth, albeit for different reasons.

Plot Summary

After accidentally preventing his alien race’s quest for universal domination, Zim wants nothing more than a second chance to prove himself. He is assigned to find a planet that may or may not actually exist and take over that planet. If he succeeds he will be forgiven and may even become a hero to his people. As soon as he reaches Earth he wastes no time in trying to subjugate the planet. After a few battles with his now nemesis, Dib, he is shocked to see that his alien race has arrived on Earth. When he seeks out the reason, they explain that Earth holds no value to them and that they will destroy Zim along with the planet. Not wanting to be destroyed or see all his hard work be for nothing , he reluctantly teams up with his enemy to save the planet.

Dexter’s Laboratory (A Spinoff!)

In the previous adaptations article, I showed you that Dexter’s Laboratory could become an anime based on Dexter saving the world with Dee Dee against Mandark. I also threw in a little side note hinting at what could happen if Dee Dee got her own anime spin off. Since Dexter is a boy genius, his adaptation involved giant robots, but Dee Dee, being more girly and oblivious than most would have her own type of anime.

What if Dee Dee Got Her Own Anime?

Japanese Title: 魔法のバレリーナディーディー (Mahō no barerīna dīdī

Literal Translation: Magical Ballerina Dee Dee

Updated Artwork:

Source: http://animaxion-mix.blogspot.com/p/bleedman.html
Source: http://animaxion-mix.blogspot.com/p/bleedman.html

Genre: Magical Girl

Although it seems at first that the title might be ripping off Princess Tutu, there would be one main difference between the two. Dee Dee would gain her powers from one of Dexter’s inventions. Dexter has proven that he can create superpowers, as he tried to give himself a few to no avail. Of course, Dexter would see this as the perfect way to get his sister to leave him alone for a bit by allowing her to go do good deeds for a while. And why just have Dee Dee? Add her best friends Mee Mee and Lee Lee to the mix, and you have yourself a magical trio.

Plot Summary

Dee Dee is nothing more than your average girl, except her brother is super smart and has his own secret laboratory. In hopes to try and get her brother’s attention, Dee Dee visits him, only to find he is busy and has no time for her, per usual. Everyday, she watches her favorite heroine on TV fight crime, and Dee Dee wishes she could do the same. She manages to convince her genius brother to invent a machine that allows her to transform into a hero. He creates the Ruby Ballet Shoes, which when Dee Dee twirls around she transforms into Magical Ballerina Dee Dee (a name she chose herself)! Soon, she starts a quest to help the world in the only way a Ballerina can.


School is in session, and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the day: Recess. Recess follows a gang of misfits as they try to fit in to a playground monarchy reminiscent of Lord of the Flies. The group consists of TJ, the leader; Spinelli, the tom boy; Mikey, the gentle giant; Gus, the military brat; Vince, the jock; and Gretchen the super nerd. Every day, they face different challenges such as bullies, school teachers, cliched students and the tyranny of King Bob, the sixth grade ruler.

What if Recess became an anime?

Japanese Name: 遊び場キッズ (Asobiba kizzu)

Literal Translation: The Playground Kids

Updated Artwork:

Source: http://forum.darkspyro.net/spyro/viewposts.php?topic=86071
Source: http://forum.darkspyro.net/spyro/viewposts.php?topic=86071

Genre: Slice of Life

Recess might be a little challenging to translate into the anime world however, if done right, it would be a fun one to watch. You have all your school stereotypes, from the nerd to the jock and the tomboy, so all bases are covered. In the cartoon, the gang deals with trying to retain their individualistic ideals while also trying to fit in, which is what we all try to do as children. Only instead of making each episode its own story, you’d create an overall arc where the kids must defend their beliefs against all odds.

Plot Summary

Normally, the children can tolerate the tyranny of the King of the Playground. That is until he passed a series of laws restricting access to certain parts of the playground for his own personal amusement. While the other children blindly obey, TJ and his gang of misfits have finally had enough. They set out on a campaign to dethrone the King, which is easier said that done. They must rally the other children and maybe get some faculty support if they have any hopes of reclaiming their right to enjoy recess.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage is the ironically named dog who was adopted by Muriel Bag and her very unhappy husband, Eustace. They live in the middle of nowhere, which is a giant desert as well as the name of their town, in a farm, where they are greeted by freaky visitors of all kinds, from ghosts to zombies to magicians to anthropomorphic gerbils. Despite all the misfortune they face, it is up to Courage to fight off all these nasties to keep his family safe from harm.

What if Courage the Cowardly Dog Became an Anime?

Japanese Title: 勇気プロテクター (Yūki purotekutā

Literal Translation: Courage the Protector

Updated Artwork:

Source: http://powerpuff.weebly.com/ppgd.html

Genre: Horror/Comedy

When it comes to translating certain things into anime form, why mess with a good thing? Courage would not have to change too much. He would still have to fight off some creepy creatures and monsters, but let’s add a little more to it. In the show, the nasties showed up for various reasons, so what if the farm was put there for a reason, and what if Courage was more than an ordinary dog? What would motivate all these unworldly creatures to seek out this piece of land in the middle of nowhere?

Plot Summary

Courage may look like your ordinary dog, but he is the protector of a great secret. In an isolated desert lies a portal that, if used, would transport anyone to a realm that holds the secrets of the gods and the universe. No one knows why or how this portal got here and it is up to Courage to make sure nothing goes through it. To do that, he must protect the two humans Muriel and Eustace. Unbeknownst to the pair themselves, Muriel and Eustace are decedents of a race of people who formerly protected the portal and have the knowledge of how to use the magical gateway. If anyone were to get a hold of them and find the knowledge they share, the world as we know it would be doomed!

Did you see your favorite cartoon here? What type of story would you create from your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or your planet might be invaded by a mysterious alien race.

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