Square continues their onslaught of info for Sleeping Dogs with a new video that exhibits what you can expect from the game’s driving mechanics.

Judging from the gameplay in the trailer, Sleeping Dogs’ driving action looks like a hybrid of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and the excellent Just Cause 2 (check out the protagonist leaping from his motorcycle to land on a car and hijack it!).

In addition to circus-like criminal acts, your typical open world fare will be available in Sleeping Dogs: illegal street races, mobile gunplay, car-on-car violence, stunts, and more.

Sleeping Dogs is currently scheduled to release in the second half of this year.

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  • I think this game might do just enough, the martial-arts based melee combat and the car jacking mechanic for starters, to avoid the inevitable comparisons with GTA.. I, for one, am excited about Sleeping Dogs.

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