The original Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002 and spawned a sequel and countless spin-offs that span a wide range of gaming platforms. Recent news has revealed that Square Enix are finally working on the third game in the main series, the E3 teaser video filling the hearts of fans with much anticipation. One of the unique factors of these games is their adaptations of Disney’s beloved franchises and their implementation into the world of Kingdom Hearts. Therefore, one question will be in the fans’ minds with the coming of this new sequel: just what worlds will be included? Here, we have a look at what worlds should be included in this new game that haven’t previously seen the light of day in previous installments.

Treasure Planet


It’s true that this sci-fi adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic didn’t quite live up to expectations in the box office, but this in no way means that it is a bad movie. In fact, the setting provides a great opportunity for inclusion as a Kingdom Hearts world, with Silver and his mutineers being potential enemies and the movie’s hero, Jim Hawkins, being the guest party member in the world. The mysterious world of Treasure Planet itself would serve as an interesting setting to use within the game due to its mythology and unique design.

Prince of Persia


A memorable experience of Kingdom Hearts II was plunging into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, proving that live-action adaptations were not beyond the developers’ ability. Whilst Jerry Bruckheimer’s other Disney production, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was, again, hardly a box-office smash, potential is there for some memorable stages. Imagine playing as Sora, Donald and Goofy and fighting the conspiring vizier, Nazim, in the epic whirlwind of sand battle near the end of the film? Perhaps not a likely choice on Square-Enix’s part, but the potential is there for a great world. If the death-defying physics of the game franchise could somehow be implemented in the level design, that would make it all the more special.

Toy Story


Come on, Square-Enix, make it happen. This beloved Pixar franchise has great potential as a unique world in Kingdom Hearts III. In the second game, Sora and company were turned into furry animals upon their arrival to the world of The Lion King, so why not have them transform into toy versions of themselves when arriving into the Toy Story world? Being toys, of course, they would be considerably scaled down compared to the environment, forcing Sora and his friends to climb furniture and shelves to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and items. Of course, having Woody or Buzz as possible party members would awesome, too. Could they get Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to voice their respective characters? One could dream…

Monsters, Inc.

monsters inc

Considering the recent sequel, there is a possibility of Monsters, Inc. being included in the game. Since the narrative of the original movie followed the concept of monsters professionally scaring children, this could offer a doorway for the Heartless to be involved in the in-game version of the tale. Sora’s quest could involve him having to defend the children from the clutches of the Heartless, with Sully fighting by his side using his scare tactics. Again, this could be another opportunity for Square-Enix to use a Pixar franchise which hasn’t been done before in a Kingdom Hearts game.

The Princess and The Frog


The main villain in this traditionally-animated movie is Doctor Falicier, aka “The Shadow Man,” who would no doubt serve as an excellent antagonist in this world. Instead of relying entirely on his Shadow Demons, he could  join forces with the Heartless which would suit him, given his being a witch doctor. As the film’s narrative revolves around two characters that are turned into frogs, could Sora, Donald and Goofy receive the same treatment in this world?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


The huge action-adventure set-pieces of Atlantis: The Lost Empire would prove to be a great fit for Sora’s adventures. Atlantis’s sci-fi-esque vehicles would prove to be potential for a possible mini-game, and seeing Atlantis’s unique and epic landscapes defined in HD would be a visual feast for fans. Add to that the final battle between Milo and Rourke with the usual complimentary Kingdom Hearts goodness, and you’ve got yourself a promising world with potential for compelling action-adventure gameplay.



And finally, Tangled is another fun Disney flick that would translate brilliantly into Kingdom Hearts III. The charisma and charm of the film would no doubt provide some opportunities for mini-games and contrast with the potentially darker elements of the game. Rapunzel’s evil stepmother, Mother Gothel, would no doubt want to exploit the powers of the Heartless to ensure that Flynn is dead and that Rapunzel stays in her clutches.

There are so many Disney franchises out there and, as a result, so many possibilities as to what worlds could be included. Although there may be a likelihood that Square-Enix may return to worlds previously explored in the other games, it would be a shame not to expand their horizons into other areas of Disney’s back-catalogue. For now though, as fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, we can only go as far as to speculate and hope for what worlds we’ll be exploring when the third game is finally released.

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  • I think a perfect world for KH3 would be to go into Pocahontas. I’m just surprised they haven’t done it before. On a change of topic note, I did a Kingdom Hearts RP and I included the Pocahontas world, I even turned Kocoum into a heartless. But Radcliffe would make an excellent villain.

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